Madonna Claims To “Love” Gaga, Teases A Possible Duet In Near Future

Perhaps Madonna is finally settling into middle age, now that she’s about 90% through it, as the Material Girl is displaying a newfound maturity. First she and sister-from-another-mister Elton John buried the hatchet, surprisingly not into each other’s still-beating hearts, and now it seems she’s calling a truce with upstart poptart, Lady Gaga.

During a concert in Atlantic City, Madge told the audience about Her Ladyship, “I love her. I love her. I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” referring to Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which is basically an updated version of “Express Yourself.” But in the World of Madonna, a backhanded compliment is as good as genuine one. Then, in a not-at-all calculated move, Madonna added, “And one day, very soon, we’re going to be on stage together. Just you wait.”

A quick perusal of the dueling divas’ concert dates revealed that they might cross paths in late October when the “MDNA Tour” hits Houston and the “Born This Way Ball” heads to Mexico. Should Madonna’s vague promise become a reality, it would obvisouly trigger the Gay Apocalypse — the Gayocalypse, if you will — which would of course set the trend for the regular, boring Apocalypse months later.

The gays —  always ahead of the curve.

Photos: MissChampers and robpaella

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  • Spike

    Poor Madge, her desperation to stay relevant is so sad.

    Then there is Cher, not desperate and always relevant, has a song written by Gaga on her next album and has praised as follows after recording the song . . . GAGA” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME.

    Why would Gaga want to record a duet with a petty bitter old women anyway?

  • Alotta Fagina

    PLEASE MADONNA do not reduce yourself to a duet with a McDonald’s version of yourself!! Lady Gaga is nothing but a farce that uses the gay community to acquire more fame. Gays don’t buy into the hype

  • Little-Kiwi

    i love the anger that both Madonna and Gaga inspire in some people. Two strong women taking the world by storm and they inspire such bitterness and rage in some people.

    Oh, and the “they’re using the gay community for money!” folks are so pathetic. And always closeted. it’s so funny.

    hating madonna and gaga won’t make your own lives better.

  • Alotta Fagina


    I did not say Madonna is using the gay community she is one of the ones that has actually helped the gay community. She was doing it when it wasnt cool to speak about the gays. Lady Gaga on the other hand is a different story

  • Spike

    @Alotta Fagina: Bless your heart, shaking your pom poms for AARP Madge. Remind which song Madge made millions off of and refuses to sing now? Oh, that’s right, Material Girl.

    Wonder what song Gaga won’t be singing when she is 50+? Answer, none, she will have no reason to look back and be embarrassed by her socially relevant diverse empowering lyrics.

    Madonna has helped the gay community, seriously, I suppose if you were on the invite list back when she was partying up in the Hollywood Hills house or when she lived in South Beach, otherwise, it has always been and will always be, ALL ABOUT Madge.

  • Red Meat

    @Alotta Fagina: That sounds familiar.

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