Madonna Gets Fined For Expressing Herself On Gay Rights In St. Petersburg

Madonna is facing charges for speaking out on behalf of LGBT people in St. Petersburg at her concert last night, flouting the city’s gay-propaganda ban. After telling fans at her MDNA gig to “show your love and appreciation to the gay community,” she was fined 5,000 Rubles (or about $150).

We think she can cover it.

As previously announced, pink wristbands were distributed to concertgoers before the show. Madonna also wore a black bra with the phrase “No Fear” written on her back.

Vitaly Milonov, the assemblyman who introduced the city’s recent anti-gay law, was the one to submit  an application to file charges. “[Madonna] testified that she does not care about the legislation of St Petersburg,” Milonov said.

The organizers of the MDNA world tour, meanwhile, could be fined up to 500,000 Rubles ($15,700).

Gay rights activist Yury Gavrikov isn’t impressed with Madonna’s mouthing off. He told Gay Star News he wishes the Material Matron would have canceled her tour instead.

“Madonna as an artist and many other stars are using human rights issues for them to promote shows and make money. We don’t respect this idea. We wanted to protest the hypocrisy of the stars.’

If you want to really do something, you have to not just talk about problems, you have to do something that is politically important, powerful. Meeting with the mayor of St Petersburg or breaking out of the Russian tour is a way to attract more attention.”

‘Madonna will leave St Petersburg and she will forget about all these problems.”

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  • no one

    There she goes again using gay rights for self-promotion.

    Tired, irrelevant, washed up — has been.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    of course the anonymous-loser brigade will come on to criticize her, but what Madonna did was important. she spoke with love, support and solidarity to the LGBT communities of Russia – and for many of them this may be the ONLY pro-LGBT voice and presence they’ll see and hear in a long while. there’s more to the Movement than financial boycotts – it’s also about empowering the masses. this was no doubt a beacon of hope and a reminder of love to the LGBT people living under the preposterous prejudice of the current government. what madonna gave those people is something they can carry with them. empowering messages to never give up.

    thank you madonna.

  • Derek Williams

    Three cheers from me for Madonna. If all you want to do is criticise her, then you go and fix the problem by yourself, and then let me know when you’re good and done. Then I’ll go visit.

  • Kris

    @LittIe,Kiwi: This was the most delightful thing I read all day. And besides , by speaking out and getting fined, Madonna’s made this something everyone is talking about.

  • Alex

    Read her entire declaration and you will realise that what Madonna says is a sincere, authentic declaration of love not only to the gay but to the union of gays and non gays. This woman is incredible. She deserves all our admiration and love.

  • Felix

    Yury needs to shut his vodka hole. She gave worldwide publicity to a ridiculous and cruel law, and this fine will make the authorities look even worse.

  • Seth

    Fine…some of you might not like her music but only ungrateful bitter queens can question her sincerity. The woman has been an advocate and icon in our community since the beginning. She was fighting the fight during the dark ages of the 80s and for that I’m eternally grateful. Along the way she also happened to record some of the greatest pop songs in my lifetime. Bravo your Madgesty

  • Papi Balenciaga

    Kudos to Madonna..
    @LittIe,Kiwi: No they are critizing her because Russia isn’t an African or Islamic country she is protesting, its Russia and white people CAN NOT be Homophobic, that a trait only Black and Brown people have.

  • Ryan Kelly

    And then a bunch of people take time off of what good things they could be doing to tell Madonna she’s not doing enough good things. Oh god, the stupidity never ends.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    ryan kelly is fucking awesome

  • Michael in Toronto

    Good shmood. I’m not denying her sincerity, but everything she does is calculated. To the MDNth degree!

  • Palto

    @no one and you’re a never been. What the f*ck have you ever done? She’s done more for gay rights than you have in your measly little life so STFU.

  • Old Ho

    Why doesn’t she put her money where her mouth is and donate the proceeds from the Russian concerts to Russian gay rights groups? Oh, that’s right – she’s a greedy pig and is all talk and no action.

  • Brandon

    Hahahaha I agree Old HO I think it’s funny how Vadge’s fanbois will claim that she’s done tons for LGBT people and our rights but in reality she just wants to use us to make tons of money, and sell expensive concert tickets all while putting out shitty music every few years and pretending to give a shit about LGBT people; but she’s no ally to LGBT people like Lady Gaga and Cyndi are.

  • drek

    I do not understand how cancelling her show would help more than what she did. I am sure she would make just as much having a show outside russia as her performances there so the trying to make money thing is not logical

  • J Stratford

    Way to go Madonna!

    Forget these bitter ingrates at Queerty. They’re probably old and withered and self hating and negative just like the rest of their old generation. I mean, if you have to live through all that, I guess its understandable that they are so bitter and hate even their allies.

  • Red Meat

    Madonna promotes herself and her gay image.

    As Yury said, ‘Madonna will leave St Petersburg and she will forget about all these problems.”

    Madonna fans would shit all over gay rights if it meant protecting their talentless whore.


    I am so pleased she spoke up, she has fought for years against so many things but doesnt make a big fuss about it, she was one of the first stars to speak up about aids and even had leaflets inside her lps,no one else ever did that,

  • Pathetic

    @Red Meat: I agree. These stupid Vadge fanbois refuse to realize she doesn’t give a shit about gays unless they can do something for her (make her money). They fail to forget about when as soon as she married homophobe Guy Ritchie, she practically washed her hands of everything gay the entire time she was married to him. Now that her career is a wreck and her album flopped, she’s back to pandering to the gays and more than happy to “speak up” for them NOW. Too late b1tch!

  • Spike

    Poor GrandmaMadge, still has to come up with stunts to get the media’s attention, and trying to pretend like she gives a damn about anyone other then herself. Sad.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    dear anti-madonna wimps, can any of you put a face to your comments?

    didn’t think so. keep proving everyone else right, losers :D

  • Brandon B.

    It saddens me that the LGBTQ community doesn’t accept the support that it’s given to them often times in some scenarios. Yes, this got her press, but it also got the issue itself press. Using your fame to promote an ideal is what more celebrities should do. Chances are very strong that Madonna has done more for causes than most of the interest trolls that complain here and on other sites have. The time it took you to type your complaint, you could have donated $5 to The Trevor Project, The Gay Mens Health Crisis, The Center, etc. These places are always looking for volunteers to help. Places that, you know, do more than just complain about not enough being done for gay rights and actually do something about it.

  • tigerlily

    @Brandon B.: Thank you. I have been an LGBT rights activist for years, and any bit of press that aids our cause helps. How dare some of these posters comment on the validity of Madonna standing up against our oppression when she’s been doing it for YEARS, even almost destroying her career in the early 90’s (that was what a LARGE part of her Blonde Ambition/Erotica eras were about) to voice how we should be treated as equals. Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna were among the fist celebrities that brought attention to injustices people w. HIV/AIDS suffered in the 80’s and 90’s because they lost friends with the desease. Madonna has donated millions to charities and AIDS research organizations and was mentored by gay men when she was a child. For anyone to say Madonna is in this for shallow reasons is just jaded, and jealous; she’s a straight ally. BTW, who amongst her accusers on here has protested at a LGBT event? If you haven’t stood in line with us, then don’t complain about those that are, regardless of what you think their reasons are.

  • Bryan

    He does have a point with the last part though, rather than just talk about it in her concerts, there are actually loads of things she could do that might not be as “public” but still effective.

  • Geno

    Its about time vadge was made to pay for her foolery. She’s old raggedy gross and as a gay man I am no fan of hers. Her concerts suck her music sucks and her arms creep me out. She’s foul and hqs been irrelevant in many ways 4 many yrs I. Can’t stand her !!

  • JohnnyBoy

    Madonna is not obligated to do ANYTHING for gay people. Gay people should stop bitching. Support is support. Take it where you can get it. Madonna has the power to influence a larger population than we do. Even if it’s just with her words. I can say the same things she says, but when she says it millions will hear it and she’s sending out a message to millions of people. So take it for what it is and shut up. Gay people bitch about any and everything they can. I’m not even a Madonna fan, but gays are so damn fickle and criticize everything and everybody. ugh. so annoying.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Brandon B.: Yes! I don’t know what’s wrong with the gay community that they do this. I almost think they care more about her career than they do the cause. That’s another big problem in the gay community. These grown men are more into these celebrity women’s careers than they are their own lives. They need to understand that when Madonna speaks a million people hear her. So when she speaks on your behalf that’s BIG. It’s nothing to be shrugging off. A lot of celebrities have a large gay fan base and don’t speak out for gays like Beyonce. At one point it was reported that Jay Z hated gays even though he says he says he doesn’t now I think that is just something to help Obama, but that’s another story. Beyonce has never really been outspoken about gays and gays are like 90% of her fan base, but nobody says ANYTHING about that! She has only spoken about gays when someone asks her in an interview and she keeps it real cute like “oh i have such an admiration for gays.” Bitch shut up. You’re fake. Don’t wanna hear that. Madonna has ALWAYS supported Gays and been outspoken! And I’m not even a Madonna fan, but this much I know.

  • F Stratford

    I am guessing that these haters are just that.

    Someone gives voice to your cause to a larger audience? Who cares if it helps her too?

    If she gets financial benefit out of this? That would be awesome. That will prove to other public personalities that standing with us (or staying neutral) is not risky. Imagine if a lot more of her stature speaks up for us in places where we are illegal! That would be a step in the positive direction.

    Enough said.

  • Anthony

    Her support used to be genuine, but now it’s just another desperate way for her to remain relevant. Her music’s not selling, she can’t make headlines unless she attaches her name to a certain other popstar, and her tour is receiving negative reviews left and right. She’s going to do what she can because she knows her relevancy is fleeting now that there are other girls who can rightfully replace her.

  • jj

    @Anthony: Madonna will never be irrelevant. Shes fucking Madonna. She loved the gays before it was cool. You bitter old queens need to just sit the fuck down

  • Mk ultra

    It’s unfortunate that the activist feels that way.
    When Russiant GLBT gather in a small crowd to bravely hold a Pride parade, they are beaten down by bullies.
    But those same bullies obviously didn’t want to challenge the voice of an international pop star and her thousands of fans. Can you imagine all those Russians gathered together in St. Petersburg, all (or at least the majority) cheering for gay rights in Russia? What a great thought.
    Rossiya vperod!

  • Schlukitz

    Thank you, Madonna.

  • Derek Williams

    @Anthony: Gays are an intensely disliked minority, one of the most intensely hated in the known universe. What you just said therefore makes absolutely no sense whatever, that Madonna would pander to a tiny minority (5%) so as to curry favour with a heterosexual majority.

    Attitudes like yours certainly help explain why we are so hated.

  • thetruth

    Um her tour is getting mostly positive teviews and will be the years highest grossing tour. That “has been” will also make more money this year than any year in her career more than Gaga more than Smelton more than anyone! And for the 100th timr MDNA IS THE 5TH BIGGSEST SELLING ALBUM OF THE YEAR SO FAR. HOW IS THAT A FLOP?

  • Spike

    @Bryan: Recall in Truth Or Dare . . . after Madonna declines to talk to her doctor off-camera:

    “She doesn’t want to live off-camera, much less talk. There’s nothing to say off-camera. Why would you say something if it’s off-camera? What point is there existing?”

    She has no concept of doing anything in private so long as the end result is promote herself. Sir Elton John was correct when he called her a fairground stripper.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    the inability for the anti-madonna gays to put a face to their comments speaks volumes.

    hating madonna hasn’t helped you wimps grow a pair and Come Out, so what use is hating her?

  • Daez

    I love the argument that she is doing this to make money? Seriously? She is going to one of the most destitute nations in the world to make money? She could have quite easily just stayed in the United States if all she was after was money. Adding two tour dates here would have made her much more than she made from going to Russia (before the expenses and the fines and additional security).

  • Seth

    I love the bitter Queens saying Madonna is all about the $. She’s fucking MADONNA, one of the richest, most famous and powerful celebrities that’s ever lived. She doesn’t need the $. Did you ever stop to think she does what she does b/c she loves it and speaks her mind bc she knows it’s right? Her message her entire career has been about empowerment, tolerance and love. She challenges the status qup and archaic social mores and pushes boundaries that are long overdue to be pushed. I can’t imagine Britney, Katy, Rihanna, Beyonce or even GaGa having this kind of power let along since 1983!

  • thetruth

    That’s why Spike she stopped doing tv interviews and posing for magazine covers this year to spend more time with her 4 kids. There is a big difference between purposely doing things for media attention like I don’t know wear a meat dress at an awards show and standing up and fighting for something you believe and if it happens to get media attention all the better because it’s shedding a light on the injustices. It’s not Madonna’s fault that the media blows EVWRYTHING she does out of proportion she can’t help it that she’s that famous.

  • Derek

    What’s that Anthony? We can’t hear you anymore? Maybe you should pull your head out of your a$$ first…

  • Extravaganza

    @LittIe,Kiwi: Yeah, when our community was fying of AIDS and being pushed to the side Madonna was right there with all of us. This hate is coming from a hateful younger gay set along who should be grateful for the older people who paved the road. Gaga is not civil rights for us. While we were dying, she wasn’t born any which way. PUT ON A CONDOM and get over that, bunch of rawbacking tards. She is a media creation by a bunch of black people who don’t know how to come out and face their own community. She is a puppet. Madonna is the hand. The more disrespect I hear about Madonna doing this or that, the less I respect I have for anything they do. These kids don’t understand the suffering, but they are quick to benefit from the labor of others who did. Madonna’s tour a failure? Hardly. This is all because of jealousy from Elton’s side. He said it was not a statement that should have been put out. You thought it, so……. that’s just as bad. He’s mad cause Madonna is sitting over him on his face. Guess the pussy hair in his mouth has started a riot.

  • Not much support really

    Madonna’s words aren’t much nor is the fine meaningful. Yes her act was a nice small gesture. The gesture would be somewhat stronger if she refused to pay and was barred from entering Russia as a result.

    She sold tickets and made money. Her right. She supports us usually. She has a right to make money where she can and chooses.

    She’s not a gay hero folks. Nor is she always completely supportive of us to the detriment of whats in her personal interests. Im not sure we should ask or expect her to forego significant revenue because of the politics of the locale. It’d be nice but its a bit much to ask.

    I’d hold a gay performer or company to a higher standard but Madonna did nothing wrong.

    To those criticizing Yuri, he IS a hero. He stands up against the worst bigots daily and does so bravely and fearlessly. He’s no less a hero because he criticizes Madonna or anyone else.

  • Tavdy79

    What I want to see is whether or not Madonna will fight against the case. She could take it as high as the European Court of Human Rights – the St. Petersburg law is a blatant violation of the Convention. If she doesn’t fight it then it’s clear that it was just a stunt.

  • karan Singh

    show your love and appreciation to the gay community

  • trishika kapoor

    good madonal very good dance show

  • trishika kapoor

    madoana show i want to show looking

  • Martine

    @LittIe,Kiwi: Yeah. maybe now gay activists will realize its wrong to try and force people to approve of things they disagree with. I have no problem with people being gay. But I have a huge problem with gay people being constantly offended by everything, or expecting to be reinforced in their lifestyle choice. People should have the right to be gay, just as other people should have the right to disapprove of that lifestyle choice and wish to keep it away from themselves and their families or even work places if they have the hiring power. I respect gay people. I don’t respect that they should have any extra rights. So even though I don’t agree with these people, its kind of nice to know that there are places where people are not frightened to show that they disapprove of homosexuality as a choice. It seems brave. Everyone in America is so PC and scared to think for themselves.

  • Derek Williams

    @Martine: I never chose to be gay. The fact that you believe you know so much more about my inborn sexual orientation than I know myself when I am now 60 years of age, and that you are prepared to publicly display such profound ignorance tells me all I need to know.

    Not that you care, because you have found another class of person to disapprove of, to feel innately superior to, to feel smug and paternalistic towards.

    Luckily, our paths will never cross.

  • Derek Williams

    @Martine: Oh and by the way, what “Extra Rights” do you imagine we are claiming? Last time I looked (and every single time before that) all we have ever sought is fair treatment, freedom from violence and victimisation, and access to equality before the law.

    Homosexuals contribute our fair share in labour and taxes, so it is not fair of you to use your super-majority to withhold from us appropriate social recognition alongside equal access to the goods, services and amenities that we work and pay for.

  • schlukitz

    @Derek Williams:

    Hi Derek,

    Thank you for calling Matine on her supercellious attitude. She disingenuously states that she has no problem with people being gay and then goes on to say that they should keep it to themselves.

    She rides into a well-known gay site on her high-horse and posts a commentary dripping with condescending comments and has the colossal nerve to claim that she respects them? Did we just march into her Church and put on a drag show in front of her, her family and her Pastor that she is so offended by our right to demand equal treatment under the law and the privileges that she herself enjoys as a result of the taxes we pay and the contributions that we make to society?

    “I respect gay people”, she goes on to say after backhanding them in the face. No doubt, like those people who love to say “Oh, but we have blacks friends too”, she probably prides herself on having gay friends as well.

    Aside from the fact that those gay people she calls her friends being wimps and sell-outs if they allow her to heap this fort of garbage on them, with friends like Martine, who needs enemies?

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