Forever Material

Madonna Inks Deal for Three More Albums, The Last To Drop When She’s 60

We all know that the perpetual Material Girl has been busy in the studio working on her new album, what with it’s leaked singles and announcements that she’s enlisted the likes of lady rappers Nicki Manaj and M.I.A. as guests. We’ll have to wait for mid-2012 for the official line-up, but it’s now been announced that the upcoming release won’t be Madonna‘s swan songs.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the ink is still wet on Ms. Ciccone’s deal with Interscope Records to distribute three new albums, the last of which should drop sometime after Madonna’s 60th birthday. She’ll be paid a relatively measly $1 million per record, but don’t cry for her, Argentina! Combined with her massive haul from sure to be blockbuster tours (the latest was the top grossing ever for a solo artist) and the gazillion dollar deal she signed with Live Nation a few years back, she’ll be well stocked in private jets and Malawian babies for decades to come.

We’re confident that the queen of reinvention won’t have any trouble figuring our just what a pop diva should look and sound like at 60.

Next chance to catch her live and possibly hear some new album previews combined with the classics? The halftime show during the Super Bowl on February 5. We certainly expect a surprise guest or two…and perhaps a wardrobe malfunction, if we’re lucky.


Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He’s already in line for Madonna’s next concert tour.



Photo via Madonna