Madonna Just Called Trump’s Sons A Word We Can’t Republish Here. Here’s Why.


Madonna is the latest in an increasingly large pool of celebrities to sharply critique Donald Jr. and Eric for their grisly hobby of hunting leopards.

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After a photo surfaced showing the two men proudly holding up the corpse of a leopard, Sharon Osbourne cried “disgusting,” and Mia Farrow fumed, “What sort of person could kill this beautiful animal? Trump sons could.”

As Gossip Cop reports, Madonna is now voicing her own opinion about the sheaf of photos featuring the brothers striking a pose with their favorite carcasses, including dead elephants, crocodiles, buffalos, and more.

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The image of a gigantic and extraordinarily dead leopard they shot dead is perhaps the crowning piece in their hellish trophy case.

“How Big of. Pussy Do you have to BE to kill this Noble Animal for sport?,” Madonna asks. “Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hilary! ???”

Check it out below: