Madonna: Lady Gaga Rejected Offer To Perform Together

So it turns out that possible duet between Queen of Pop Madonna and heir apparent Lady Gaga is not looking so possible after all.

At her concert November 4 in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Material Mom told her adoring audience about how she was slighted by Mother Monster.

The two have been publicly clawing each others eyes out ever since Elton John threw Madonna over (and then repeatedly under the bus) while simultaneously embracing Lady Gaga as his child’s godmother. Or something like that.

But there was finally a glimmer of hope that those dancing queens would finally kiss and make up, Britney-VMA-style.

But alas as E! reports:

“I have the best fans in the whole world. So take that, Lady Gaga!” Madonna exclaimed. “You know, I invited her onstage to sing with me, but she turned me down. It’s OK. I’ve been rejected before. It’s good to build character.”

Madonna then got all serious on those kids’ asses, lecturing them about voting and shooting down the state’s marriage amendment. Seems at least someone was listening, even if that someone wasn’t Lady Gaga who was too busy not caring and/or practicing her scat.

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