Madonna Lashed For Allegedly Using “Gay” As A “Negative Slur”

Madonna-in-gay-controversy-289x300Madonna‘s classic foot-in-mouth disease has landed her in hot water again this week, as a number of outraged Buzzfeed commenters have accused the 55-year-old entertainer of being “homophobic” for using the word “gay” as a “negative slur.”

The Queen of Pop sat down with Buzzfeed to play a word association game earlier this week, presumably in an effort to drum up early buzz for her upcoming album, and used the word “GAY” to describe both Vladimir Putin and kale, the leafy green vegetable.

No one has taken issue with the fact that Madonna used “gay” in a combative way to describe disdain for Putin’s antigay legislation, or that she horrifically described Crocs as “effective.” She is, however, “homophobic” for describing kale as “gay.”

Nevermind her decades of LGBT advocacy, the inspiration she’s drawn from the gay community, and her close friendships with a number of power gays. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the word police recently, it’s that any word can be offensive if the right person has an ax to grind.

“How is kale homosexual?”, one commenter writes. “Or is she just using gay as an insult………. how irresponsible! I am poor and love tennis. Not to mention she is epitome of white trash lol. Ughhhh moving on.”

Another chimes in: “I am surprised she used the word “gay” to mean “bad.” I thought she was more sensitive than that.”

Surely #kalegate is not as bad as the rightful backlash Madge received over using the N-word on Instagram in January, but it’s apparently enough to leave a bad taste in a few people’s mouths. Like kale.