Madonna Makes Her Stand-Up Comedy Debut, But We Laughed More At Her New Song

Oh Madonna, what are you doing?

We get that ageism is pervasive, yadda yadda, but Her Majesty the Queen of Pop made an appearance last night on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that left us scratching our heads whether she’s 26 or 56.

Or maybe you’ll think it’s “flawless,” as it’s being described elsewhere.

First there’s this Diplo-produced sonic mess of “Bitch I’m Madonna” off her new album, bringing to the stage a kind of frenetic chaos usually reserved for 3 a.m. dance floors: 

And while she’s trying out dub step, why not give other new things a try, like stand-up comedy? Because if you didn’t notice, bitch, she’s Madonna. You’ll want to strap in for this awkwardness:

Her saving grace was this classroom instrument rendition of “Holiday,” though the credit really goes to The Roots and Fallon: