Third time's the charm?

Madonna releases yet another single and people actually seem to like it this time

Madonna in Crave

Madonna is nothing if not determined, which is precisely why we love her.

“Crave” is the latest single from the singer’s forthcoming album Madame X, and her third to be released in less than a month.

The song, which hit streaming services at midnight, is about wanting someone who may not necessarily be good for you.

“My cravings get dangerous,” Madonna croons in the mid-tempo track. “I don’t think we should play with this.”

The song features guest vocals by rapper Swae Lee. When asked by Billboard why she wanted to work with him, Madonna replied, “He’s really talented…I think he’s a great writer, a great singer, and he’s so cute. Cute’s important.”

Last week, Madonna released “I Rise,” which sampled words by Parkland Shooting Survivor and activist Emma González.

The song failed to catch on, debuting at #17 on iTunes in the U.S. before dropping to #73, and never even making it onto the U.S. Billboard charts.

Meanwhile, the video for “I Rise,” which was uploaded to Madonna’s YouTube channel last Friday, received barely 300,000 views within its first 24 hours, a far cry from the millions of views the star is used to.

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And before that, she released “Medellín,” featuring Colombian rapper Maluma, which made little impact on the music charts, although the accompanying music video has garnered an impressive 20 million views on YouTube.

But it looks like Madge’s luck may be turning around with “Crave” because people actually seem to like the song!

Of course, the song has only been out for a few hours, so it remains to be seen how it actually does on the charts and if it gets any radio play.

Madame X is scheduled for release on June 14.

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