Madonna Teaches Jimmy Fallon How To Dance, Gives Nicki Minaj A Sensual Smooch

Madonna sat down with Jimmy Fallon for a 24-minute-long, live-streamed Facebook interview, which they are touting as the “only” formal press that she is doing for her new album MDNA (no magazine covers, TV interviews, nothin’).

After teaching Jimmy how to dance (skip to the 3-minute mark), she also explained three things she’d do as our first woman leader, President Madge: pay teachers better (and cut defense spending), legalize marriage equality, and condemn censorship.

“When I am president, I will first of all take all the money spent on defense and put it into education, so that schoolteachers get paid more money. It’s scandalous how low their pay is… Gay marriage would be legal everywhere and accepted… There would be no restrictions whatsoever on any of my videos, ever.”

Also newsworthy in Madonna-land: video of her giving Nicki Minaj a wee b-day smooch on the set of “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” has turned up! She presents Nicki with a birthday cake, then plants a sensual smacker on her.

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  • Marie Cohn

    Chanel is making special designer Ebeneezer Scrooge fingerless gloves for her 53 year-old gnarled, phthisic hands.

  • jason

    Media-whore-enterprise Madonna is back to her stunts, trying to distract us from how bad her new album is. Ain’t working this time, sweetie. Try Depends.

  • Steve

    wow the haters are on full force today. Now replace Madonna with Gay and see how nice it sounds.

  • TJ

    She just no talent white trash from Michigan.

  • JB

    @TJ: At least she can construct a proper sentence.

  • Anthony

    @jason: Hey dumb ass, this video was filmed before her album was even released. If you would read, then you would know that. And her album is getting great reviews so shut up

  • James

    Well said Steve. Never understood the need to be so hateful and regrettably it is alarmingly common on gay sites. If you don’t like Madonna or any artist for that matter, just turn the station or skip the article. This endless negativity is exhausting, not necessary and sad.

  • shannon


  • Seth

    Why are so many gays bitter and judge metal? She looks 15-20 years younger than she is, made a catchy album, openly spoke up for equality and is one amazing entertainer and artist. You bitches will be “old” some day too without Madonna’s $, success or hot bf.

  • James

    @shannon: Your tone seems very pointed right now.

  • Tanuka

    I fucking hate Madonnaaaaaaaaaa. She does ridiculous things to seem relevant, her newer music sounds just like anything else out there, and I don’t get from her that she has any appreciation/love for her fans other than the money they make her.

  • Tanuka

    @Seth: she looks younger than she is because ridiculous amounts of money can do that for someone…why should we respect her for that as if she is just naturally like that? I’m not even specifically saying plastic surgery, but money can buy you tons of other beautifying products and treatments that a normal person cannot afford. And just as people were starting to get sick of Lady GaGa’s “antics” people are getting sick of Madonna so obviously doing things to seem hip, cool, and relevant. Also, I’d rather look a bit older (and closer to my actual age) than have arms that looks like an anorexic person lifted 50 pound weights for a year straight.

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