Madonna Tells Fans: “We Have A Black Muslim In The White House!”

Talking to fans last night at her concert in the Nation’s Capital, Madonna discussed the long strange road our country has taken toward freedom and equality. “Y’all better vote for fucking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House,” she said. “Now, that’s some amazing shit. It means there is hope in this country.”

We figure she was making a joke, and not that she thinks the POTUS is a secret follower of Allah.

Then again, Madonna’s already done the Catholic thing, the Buddhist thing and the Jewish thing: Will the next iteration of the Material Girl be wearing a burka?

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  • Dustolio

    FUCK. This does NOT help those of us who are trying to convince our bat-shit insane relatives that Obama is NOT a Muslim.

    Way to go, Madge, thanks for NOTHING.

  • Cam

    So basically she is so far up her own ass that she doesn’t even bother to read anymore?

  • pierre

    What a piece of low-class trash. Shut up and sing.


    Madonna is such a has been. Is she nuts or smoking crack? Even in jest, her remark was ignorant

  • Anonymous

    She’s just stirring up shit, as usual.
    There ARE actual black Muslims out there and they’d be right to be offended by this. She’s trivializing a whole group of people. Not cool.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Let’s face it: If Madonna said it, it must be true. After all, has-been divas know everything.

  • BillCooney

    Madonna is redundant and is spewing shit in an effort to become relevant. Exit stage left honey, you’re time is up!

  • tidalpool

    Well. Obama isnt a christian, thats readily apparent from his associates and his close association with Rev Jeremiah Wright and his curious congregation, his beliefs and his actions. Nor is he a Buddist, janist,Hindu,etc. he was brought up and was declared by his mom a muslim from birth till about 10 years old. He celebrates the end of EID, but not Prayer day……..he has muslim imams to the white house, but not Priests, pastors or rabbis. I’d say madge was closer to the truth then many will admit. js…

  • Niall

    I think she was joking about how far we’ve come in her usual Madonna styled sense of humor, but this time. it’s kinda a shit joke tbh

  • amyb5984

    I think she just meant it in the sense that Black Muslims are more kick-ass and less kiss-ass than their counterparts in Christianity. This is a good example of shorthand to a core fan base being very misunderstood by everybody else. She’s all about the symbols and President Obama is a symbol of black power and strength. Idk why we want to hate on Madonna when she’s been a loud voice on our behalf for a couple generations now.

  • Patrick

    Her comments and with all recent concert ‘performances’ is the reason why I gave all of my Madge music away. She is old news.



  • reverend dr dj riz

    @8 ‘ Well. Obama isnt a christian, thats readily apparent from his associates’
    …if that’s true then jesus wasn’t a christian either.

  • Dwayne420

    A “has-been” that is no longer relevant in music or any other scene

  • LubbockGayMale

    Way to go, M!!!! Give the dip-shits on the right more ammo in their mud-slinging campaign to smear BHO as a Muslim looking to screw the US. God, with friends like her, who needs enemies?

    What in the hell was she smoking????

  • jim2008

    I wish she would go back to dropping her pants in public to get attention.

  • Rockindad

    And now for the Alzheimer’s phase of this bitch’s pathetic career. Go granny …. GO!

  • robho3

    Who even cares what that irrellavent woman has to say. She is sooo needing to retire who even goes to her concert. Madonna please go away.

  • msfrost

    I always thought, she was smarter than that.

  • cincorobles

    Poor baby… she’s burned out her brain cells… not that her opinions were ever worth listening to…

  • mz.sam

    HA..HA! if Barak is a Black Muslim then, Madonna, you’re HOTTEST young pop sensation since Lady Gaga!!!

  • Tone

    It’s pretty clear from context and the tone of her voice that she’s merely being derisive of people who actually label President Obama as a Muslim. Come on, there are more worthwhile targets than Madonna, who has been an LGBT ally for decades.

  • JOHN 1957

    Thank you! I needed a little humor after a long day. She can’t be that hard up for attention, can she?

  • marc sfe

    @tidalpool: First, read the Constitution – there is no religious test to hold public office. Do you have first hand knowledge of every single visitor to the White House? Who cares frankly about whether or not they have been. I’ve been to the MIddle East and I’ve celebrated EID. Who cares if his father was Muslim or not – the fact he was, what difference does it make?

    Your prejudice is showing big time. President Obama signed a proclamation recognising it, but toned down the event itself. Religion has NO place in government and I for one would be thrilled to have this Prayer Day thing done away with completely.

  • sfsilver

    Oh Madonna. After all the defending you against snipey commentary about how too old you are, how desperate your behavior seems blah blah blah, you do this? I have no defense. I just don’t know where to go with this. Maybe you have outstayed your welcome.

  • Harry S.

    Perhaps she should plan that really, really big comeback tour with Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh as her sidekicks! She could dress Limbaugh up as a little dancing Dervish!

  • indiancowboy

    With friends like that, who needs enemies.

  • BrokebackBob

    Madonna shows us once again that she herself (like Romney
    and the Tea Party RepubliThugs(tm) is completely disconnected from
    real people, the real world, the very real 2012 presidential
    election. She doesn’t even live in the U.S. Madonna, you’re 55+,
    join AARP and stop touring and start doing some real good with all your
    money so that you are broke (like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates
    have committed to do) when you pass on. Lourdes and the kids
    can take of themselves. Oh and please BUTT OUT of your birth
    country’s business.

  • p-candotorg

    What was she thinking? This ex porn ugly skinny centerfold become singer now calling President Obama the F..and M words?
    Really? Sing, dance shake your loose ends but for sanity sake stop talking without brains.

    She should be banned from stage for say three concerts/games like Ball players who sport homophobic slurs. Maybe we can find a new denomination for the word DOWNLOADED.

    Madonna needs to be “DOWNLOADED”
    taken of stage to start searching for her brain if she ever had one.)and hey maybe also her CD sales should drop to nothing for a few years. As these 1% people seem to really float above reality.

    What a shame for celebs displaying such low IQ. And using fame to take advantage of being given freedom over a microphone.

    Really feeling bad ever having wiggled to her music. She is a result of a few good songs and loads of marketing and scandals.
    I never have and I now sure never ever will buy music of hers.

  • Allen D.

    Lord, you can’t tell from her facial expression and her tone that she was kidding?! Good lord, people. I was expecting it to be totally deadpan to have everyone in such an uproar. I appreciated her speech. Her new album is great. God bless her.

    @Dustolio – Do your relatives often cite Madonna during disagreements? “Well, according to Madonna…” LOL! And, even if that was the case, I would hope that some people in your family are able to detect jokes and sarcasm.

    Anyone who takes it as a serious statement just makes me sad. C’mon people, get a grip.

  • Marjorie 0120

    @tidalpool: I think you are 100% true, but most of our brothers and sisters here worship the ground this man walks on so they, can’t, won’t hear anything negative about obummer.

  • stadacona

    Obama attended muslim school in Indonesia – you can’t deny that fact, liberals.

  • Leeflea

    It’s sad that this woman is so misinformed. Leeflea

  • Allen D.

    @stadacona: And I’ve known several non-catholics who attended Catholic school. So what?

    @Leeflea: It’s sad that you can’t recognize an obvious joke. I cannot believe that so many people can’t tell, by her tone and facial expression, that she wasn’t serious.

  • Guillermo3

    New religion/look for Material Girl?__albino Rastafarian!

  • Aries3dc

    This has already been mentioned by a couple of people, but it merits repeating…if you actually watch the clip and place the comment in the context of what she is saying, it’s clear that Madge does not really believe the president is Muslim. Rather, she is poking the eye of those who would be so offended by having a “Black Muslim” in the White House.

    We’ve been following this woman for decades now…we know Madge is smart; we know she’s not a bigot; and we know she believes in equality. What I don’t know is why so many queens are so quick to bash her.

  • jmmartin

    Gee, I am beginning to think maybe Elton was right.

  • Kaz

    The guy in the fishnet shirt is hoooooot. Damn!

  • Spike

    Desperate to remain relevant.

    Just another stunt while on tour.

    Elton was DEF right.

  • Guillermo3

    @BrokebackBob: Thanks,BrokebackBob!
    Any one who can say Tea Party Republithugs is a hero to humanity.

  • DragonScorpion

    Part of me would like to think that Madonna is clever enough to deliberately say idiotic crap that she knows will get her headlines, her whole career has been based around it. But in this case, no, I think she’s really so uninformed that she actually believed it. Not that she had any relevance before but this just compounds her image as a grifter with no serious desire to affect positive political change.

    Anyway, yes, she’s really not helping. There are already enough knuckle-dragging idiots who buy into the Kenyan-Muslim-socialist-terrorist conspiracy theory.

  • p-candotorg

    Wether she believed what she said or not is not the issue here. Call me old fashioned but she played with C then with H now with the F and M words. What next to make a point? Talking about religion or those who follow a religion in ANY WAY now can become a weapon anywhere worldwide with the Internet.
    Show your love and adoration for a leader in positive and respectable way. The F..Obama is enough to make me like her.
    Yea and yea probably Elton was right. Just looking back where she comes from is NOT THAT PRETTY. But now good scandalous well planned marketing can make any nut job into a celeb.
    The love and cling on to anyone who can shine positively over them. Anyway I don’t care about her and never did but ….respectable she was not putting the F word in front of his name.

  • Allen D.

    Ok, someone’s going to have to explain this.

    What are the “C”, “H”, “F” (fuck?), and “M” (muslim?) words??? I just re-watched the video to see if I missed something, and I still don’t get it.

    And again, I bet most people commented without watching it. Or 85% of the comments are people trolling. I just REALLY hope that people on this site aren’t *that* stupid.

  • dbmyers

    Its called sarcasm, but since the right-wing fundamentalist fascist tea partiers are too dumb to understand that, it is way past not being helpful. I’m sure she meant well, but girl! Wake up to the political realities of the republican “big-lie” techniques!

  • tdx3fan

    @Dustolio: Sure it does. Our bat shit insane relatives hate Madonna and take issue with everything she says, so if she says Barack is a Muslim than he MUST be a Christian. Its the rule of NEGATING everything Madonna says.

  • tdx3fan

    @tidalpool: Exactly what about Reverend Wright makes him a non-Christian. If a guy walks around screaming about White Power than they identify as a Christian. Wright had every RIGHT to be pissed off at the USA for fucking over blacks ever since the country was founded. Maybe the USA should stop fucking over blacks and then Wright would not say things like “God Damn the USA!” Also, I have to say that if Mitt Romney wins the election, I know quite a few people that will agree with Wright’s position…including myself!

    I was brought up a non-denominational Christian. I was a fundamentalist Christian till I was 16 when I became a Jehovah’s Witness for two years. Then I became a Baptist for 10. Then I became an Episcopalian for 2. Now I’m a proud and open atheist.

    Celebrating the end of EID could easily be seen as supporting Muslims. There are many reasons to support this minority. Not the least of which is the fact that they are possibly the most persecuted minority in the country. Identifying with the struggles of a persecuted minority is what the president should do.

    Celebrating “prayer day” could easily be seen as supporting anti-human rights Christians. There are no reasons to support this “majority.” Not the least of which is the fact that they are in the process of trying to strip human rights away from any group that they do not agree with including persecuted religious minority groups, gays and lesbians, transgendered people and women. Identifying with the bigots of the religious “majority” is what a president SHOULD NOT do.

    He can invite whoever he wants to the White House, but I would think with the trouble and turmoil in the Middle East, that basically all stems from America sticking its nose where it does not belong ever since World War II when we basically created the majority of the turmoil in the area because of the reinstatement of Israel, he should be inviting people that understand how the Muslim world works.

    Also, we did not reinstate Israel on behalf of the Jewish people, far from it, we reinstated it because some nutcases reading a 2000 year old fictional book were highly in favor of (self-fulfilling) prophecy that said that Israel had to return to its homeland for the “end times” to come.

  • tdx3fan

    @Aries3dc: Because many of the QT queens are racist and many more are anti-Muslim, so when Madge says that Obama is a Black Muslim all that hate just comes spewing out and since they can’t hate Obama they hate Madonna instead. Its classic relocation therapy (the same people probably kick their dogs when they are angry at their boyfriends).

  • Jimmyjam29621

    @amyb5984: You are right on!!!! Another thing I get so tired of hearing is how she is a “HAS BEEN”. If Madonna is a has been she is laughing all the way to the bank. Don’t these people realize what she has and is still accomplishing? Her last 3 studio albums have debuted at # 1 in 30 plus countries. Her last 2 tours broke all records for a solo artist in the history of music and the current tour is predicted to do the same and is doing so as we speak. I guess I don’t understand what a Has Been means in current pop culture.

  • DragonScorpion

    Part of me would like to think that Madonna is clever enough to deliberately say stupid things that she knows will get her headlines, her whole career has been based around it. But in this case, no, I think she’s really so uninformed that she actually believed it. Not that she had any relevance before but this just compounds her image as a grifter with no serious desire to affect positive political change.

    Anyway, yes, she’s really not helping. There are already enough knuckle-draggers idiots who buy into the Kenyan-Muslim-socialist-terrorist conspiracy theory.

  • tidalpool

    I am (sob) a tea party member and according to you I must also be a ‘right-wing fundamentalist fascist.’
    I can not speak for all tea party members, however, I can assure you that those of us who support the tea party in my area are supporters of smaller government, less intrusive government, lower taxes,and more freedoms for all American citizens. For example, my group consistantly advocated equal rights for gays. This in particular involves giving gay men and women the 1800 or so rights heterosexual citizens receive when they sign the state mandated licsense for unions. We also have never asked anyone what faith they follow, or even if they follow a faith. Its none of our business. Politically, I suspect we run the gamut. In my group, we have asians, blacks, hispanics, caucasions, indians and even a couple from Etheopia. Politics, i.e. political parties are also none of our business. Our primary goal is to halt the growth of state and federal governments, to return the power to the people in their localitys, and halt the enourmous flow of cash to the feds to prevent any more of the mess they have managed to put us in. each Tea Party has different agendas, some well known, others, not so much. However, smaller government is primary. Lower taxes always is in the top 3. When we start goose stepping and wearing uniforms, you are invited to join me in my home in Andalucia, because I will not be here for that 180 degree change. Promise.

  • redball

    i think it was a joke, y’all.

    she even said it with the same tone in her voice that a drag queen would use.

    LMAO! i LOLed.

  • tidalpool

    @ marc sfe and tdx3fan,
    people, you read far to much into my paragraph. My topic was muslim or not? Madge caustically said he was, to many did not understand the context, I commented on the likleyhood. My father always told me you could judge a man by his associates. I used Rev. Wright as an example. He too was a muslim, then began this church he now preaches in part time, as a way to reach blacks who felt anger at their state of being. it was not founded on the concepts of christianity. Today, President Obama continues with his life long affiliations with muslims. The EID celebration was in counterpoint to the ‘prayer breakfast.’ His Parents claimed he was muslim, his schooling was muslim, I have no reason to beleive he is not muslim. You are correct, there is no religious requiremnt for the office of presidency, and I for one, do not care if the president even has a religion he follows. The point was, madonna, in all her secular distain, may be closer to the truth then we know. If Obama has any faith at all, I would assume it was more colored by muslim ideology than anything else. As he said, “the muslim call to prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.”
    This aside, why the need to attack, defame, even down to making foolish statements about Israel??? where on earth did that come from? You seem to be rather tightly wound up. Perhaps a weekend with out Obama anything might help, I reccomend a nice quiet place with a guy you want….stay in bed, loose yourself in him, and not pointless arguments where you and I both know no one ever changes their mind. Let me know where you two are staying, and I will buy the first bottle of wine.

  • Guillermo3

    @DragonScorpion: Thank you,
    DragonScorpion!Can’t resist quoting Pogo,from the long-ago comic
    strip:”We have met the enemy,and they are us.”

  • Guillermo3

    @tidalpool: Too Sad to Comment on,
    Too SAD that there are so many deluded assholes like you,tidalpool.

  • tidalpool

    Thank god there are a great many like me, and whats even better, we vote! I am looking forward to election day.

  • Guillermo3

    @tidalpool: No,tidalpool,
    Thank Satan,or if you prefer to avoid religion:
    Thank genetic errors.Unfortunately the right to vote isn’t
    hampered by the voter’s level of intelligence,education,or
    Too many.well-meaning people[you?]when they find they are raped
    by the 1% seem to be only respond,”Deeper!Deeper! You’re so BIG!”
    Then they go on to blame the “tax and spend” liberals,just as many
    Germans conscientiously supported
    the Reich:Deutchland Uber Alles!

  • Dumdum

    As an older person, I know that the mind is the first to go. All the Ginko Biloba in the world cannot fix that. Obama is Agnostic. Research people !!! All I have to say is that I met her ONCE ! That is all it took. Don’t make me go there people ! The 1980s ? Bad hair,bad clothing. Please ! Shoulder pads ?! Lots of drugs, and some pretty cool music. Great for dancing.ON DRUGS !!! Miss Thang was a mean opinionated B#%*h who’s poop did not stink. After only two hit songs. HELLO ! I was there watching all those rich people sucking up that blow and thinking they were IT. And maybe they were. THAT DAY. Just saying.

  • Rock Star

    She so funny.

  • Johnny_Lane

    It’s no joke, she’s telling the truth! Why does anyone think that Obama sent $95 million of US taxpayer dollars to Hammas which controls Palestine, after they fired 4,000 rockets into Israel. For that matter, why does Obama hate the Prime Minister of Israel of which EVERY US President has enjoyed a great relationship with that nation. Muslim………

  • Guillermo3

    @Johnny_Lane: Johnny_Lane,do you
    fantasize your “facts”?The “Weekly World News”,U.S.version of
    Murdoch’s “News of the World” is defunct,and I imagine it’s been
    awhile since the “Big Golden Book of Knowledge” has been in print.
    While it is a waste of time to address your statements,I would
    point out that the odious Netanyau[aka:Nit-and-yahoo] was a thorn
    in the side of American policy makers his first time around.
    Be that as it may,how does that logically leaded to your

  • p-candotorg

    Wether she is wealthy or not it still proved that $ does not bring you IQ and RESPECT

  • p-candotorg

    That is a load of ………..mushy bananas

  • p-candotorg

    @tdx3fan: @tdx3fan:
    Yea like some said my granny told me. “If they already give us a land that does not belong to them, why not gave us Switzerland?” Shalom :-)

  • p-candotorg

    @Allen D.: The C is a religion the H is a dead tyrant etc I just don’t like to write these words as they have BAD connotations in my mind! She seems to thrive her entire live in these things that have nothing to do with Music and Dance.

  • Superman

    She’s looking more and more like Mama Elsa from RHWOM. Just sayin’.

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