Madonna To Launch Full-Scale Attack On “Copycat” Lady Gaga In New Song

snl lady gaga madonna 041009It feels like we’ve waited far too long for this, but Madonna is reportedly finally sounding off on Lady Gaga, the female pop artist who essentially carbon copied the foundation of Madonna’s career to achieve her own fame.

Gaga has always cited the 56-year-old pop icon as a major “inspiration” for her career, often confusing the terms “inspired by” and “plagiarized from.”

But Madonna has finally had it, and according to a source speaking with The Sun, will completely shred the young “copycat” with some abrasive verses that are finally acknowledging the obvious on an upcoming album.

The source says Gaga “will be mortified” when she finally hears one song in particular, the lyrics to which reportedly go something like this:

You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look.

Did you study me hard enough? You’re never gonna be, you’re just a wannabe me. Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out? In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can’t be me.

You can walk the walk, even talk the talk. But you’ll always be two steps behind me.

Cut me down the middle, f***ed me up a little. You said I was your queen. I tried to give you everything. And now you want your freedom.

You got just what you came for, a bit of fame and fortune, and I’m no longer needed.

You tore me into pieces, you didn’t have no damn reason. I let you in my kingdom, you helped yourself with everything.

I curse the day we met. This memory is haunting me. I wish I could forget.

Adding that the new track may possibly be released as early as November, the source said “‘They’re very harsh lyrics but Madonna really wants to express herself again. Gaga’s going to be mortified.”

[Photo: NBC]

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  • crixus

    If Gaga had ever copied anything Madonna would have taken her to court, yet all she can do is write an immature song.

    Pretty sad that Grannydonna has to suck off the fame of others to maintain whatever relevance she still has.

    -Has song writers, rarely ever writes her own songs (even when she pulls an Elvis and demands cowriting credit for songs she didn’t write a word for)
    -Plays no instrument, relies on others to make her music
    -Copies whatever style of music is popular at the moment and tries to leach off of it.
    -Relies solely on shock to sell her fading brand
    -Uses the LGBT community yet does nothing to help us or advocate for our causes.
    -Married a super homophobe who made her disown her own gay brother.

    -Profilic song writer
    -Classically trained musician, plays multiple instruments
    -Produces much of her own work
    -Advocates tirelessly for LGBT rights and was very influential in overturning DADT.

    Gaga will be fine and Madonna’s single will bomb harder than MDNA did.

  • Faulk

    Madonna is just a bitter old queen. This is just sad…

  • vocalism

    “You’re a pretty girl”? Even if this song is real, which I doubt, it’s obviously not about Gaga.

  • tardis

    But aren’t every artists a product of their inspirations? No one is truly original. An artist takes things that they loved growing up and use that to for their own identities. Of course, after a while, you need to find your own voice, but traces of those things that inspire a person can be found in a artist’s work. Gaga has her own ideas about art as does Madonna.

    Madonna is great at what she does and I don’t think she needs to resort to playground taunting. It just makes her look jealous and biter.

  • Kidomega123

    Seeing as how the writers on this site hate everything about Laday Gaga, it’s not surprising that the “Queerty Editors” would jump at the chance to pass this tabloid trash off as “news”. Get over it, guys. With that said, I really hope it isn’t true. Not because I have a dog in the fight, but because a feud between these two ladies seems entirely unnecessary. Maybe focus your energy on making better music instead. And Madonna, you’re almost 60…so exhibit a little maturity please.

  • Marc

    @tardis: Very true! Ten years before Madonna Grace Jones was wearing the cone bras, then inspired by Keith Harring. Someone needs to remake and dedicate “Respect Yourself” to Madonna.

  • krystalkleer

    @crixus: 1st off…MDNA DIDN’T bomb as it was THEE TOP GROSS’N TOUR fer a woman of ALL TIME!…yer obviously some Lady BLAH BLAH fan who doesn’t know how to reserach on google!…2nd…as far as the QUEEN plays no musical instruments…again…obviously never did yer research…she was a drummer and guitar player before she was a singer!…so until you come up with a legit arguement (of which there is none)yer other arguements are baseless so i won’t waste yer time…but it’s time to change yer diapers!

  • Pistolo

    Why are gay guys still sticking up for Lady Gaga? She mismanaged the Born this Way foundation and basically shelled out dough to promote it more than help anyone else. The writing is on the wall, a lot of people are dropping her ass. Gags is the modern day Neeley Ohara.

  • crixus


    1. MDNA was Madonna’s worst selling album of her entire career. That is even after she forced fans to buy it as part of the ticket price to her tour. If not for that trick the album would have struggled to even make the Top 5 in the week it came out. Yes, her tour sold decently and made a lot of money, but that is easy to do when you rape your fans charging up to $400 for upper balcony crap seats.

    2. Madonna has never played drums on a single album or tour. She might have picked up drum sticks once, but that does not make her a musician. She didn’t pick up a guitar until she fake played one on the Music tour. Since then she regularly fake plays a guitar on stage as a prop. Notice on the MDNA tour her guitar did not even have a cord running to it.

    3. Can you come up with one intelligent point or just ramble?

  • MinusSize

    Anybody who thinks Gaga helped overturn DADT is an idiot. She shamelessly attached her name to a movement that was already finished. Just like the “Born This Way” foundation, which was supposed to be about gays, but ended up being all about tax fraud .

    As for the song, this rumor is from a British tabloid. Drowned Madonna claims Madge actually compliments Gaga in a song on the album. So, calm down Gaga fans. And Queerty-don’t give life to Tabloid articles.

  • MinusSize

    @crixus: Do your research Little Monster. I can appreciate you sticking up for Gaga, but everything you write here is false. Fact: You can appreciate BOTH artists.

  • rickhfx

    Don’t they all “sample” Madonna does and even put what songs she sampled from on mer liners. Sounds fishy to me.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I’ve never gotten into Madonna, but I know a copycat when I see one. Garbo, Monroe, Catholic school girls, and on and on.

  • crixus

    @MinusSize: Do you care to explain how what I have said is false (it isn’t) with evidence to back up such claims or are you just a monkey capable of throwing poop?

  • Curtispsf

    @crixus: Hello…Earth to Crixus: It’s the 21st Century and very few artists need to have a cord running from their guitar to play. The sound can be sent via radio waves to a sound system. Check the back of most musicians playing guitar; you’ll see a transmitter…So there’s ONE fact.

    Other than that, Madonna needs to suck it up and stop acting like a tired old bitter queen. What has Madonna dome for the LGBTQ community other than take our money?

  • seaguy

    @Faulk: takes one to know one honey.

  • crixus

    @Curtispsf: That is simply not true and not a fact. The technology is nowhere near that level yet for major concert tours. Please feel free to youtube any band out there’s live set from this year. They all have cords.

    Then feel free to youtube Madonna “playing” a guitar. She just wildly strums the thing yet magically the guitar plays the right notes. Well not really magically, you can see the guitar player in her tour band actually playing the notes and having a cord come down from his guitar.

  • seaguy

    @crixus: you stupid hater GaGa fan. Madonna Queen of Pop!

  • seaguy

    @1EqualityUSA:who cares what your into, it’s obviously nothing cool or interesting like Madonna!

  • seaguy

    Haters get a life. Madonna is the Queen of Pop her last tour smashed records and made her the top earning artist that year. GaGa fans love to attack and hate other artists fans not sure why but it’s not only pathetic it’s childish.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    you’re talking out of your navel again, seaguy…at least clean the lint out of it, so you can form your words

  • crixus

    @seaguy: Madonna allegedly writes anti-Gaga..exactly how does that lead you to conclude Gaga fans are haters who love to attack others?

    I own every Madonna album ever released. Have seen her live twice, but I lost total respect for her when she married violent anti-gay bigot Guy Ritchie and disowned her own gay brother at his request. That was right around the time she stopped giving any money to LGBT causes, which even after her divorce she never resumed donating to them. Her frequent desperate and pathetic attacks on other artists is beneath Madonna or any aged artist of her caliber.

  • ibernard


  • CujoW

    @seaguy you are pasty white -! Gurl you need to get a spray tan

  • seaguy

    @1EqualityUSA: where’s your avatar? Oh that’s right you don’t even have one.

    Lint? The only lint is in your eyes which explains your seeing things that aren’t there.

  • seaguy

    @CujoW: I’m not from the Jersey shore like you.

  • odawg

    Since Madonna has copied everyone under the sun in the last three decades, she has no room to throw shade.

  • MinusSize

    Odawg, that list is laughable, made up by a little monster. Madonna has a right to attack Gaga, who launched a passive aggressive plan to destroy her career, as well as others. But in this case, there is no attack. Please buy some Gaga concert tickets…rumor has it thaf a lot of them are left.

  • michael mellor

    Madonna is one of the biggest image-thieves in the music industry.

  • odawg

    @MinusSize: Pointing out Madonna has stolen ideas and images from others throughout her career, and in some instances been sued and settled, is no indication I’m a huge fan of Gaga.

  • odawg

    @seaguy</@seaguy: Do you have mental health issues?

  • MinusSize

    People sue all the time. Madonna has made a career out of referencing others, but she has always put her own spin on it. Lady Gaga basically tried to recreate Madge’s career step by step, while using her fanbase to spread rumors, such as the one that Madge spread AIDS. I guess we are never going to agree, but lets agree to disagree.

  • Kidomega123

    I love how people are genuinely and passionately arguing over a made up controversy. I guess we have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon.

  • Saint Law

    I really really hope the average age of the contributors to this thread is twelve.

    Wait I’ve just finished reading it. Make that nine.

  • bobbyjoe

    Madonna and GaGa both could use a publicity lift right now. Madge needs a comeback and GaGa’s buzz has been cooling lately. So, yeah, if Madonna releases this kind of song, GaGa will put out a response song, and it’ll be about six months to a year where there’s a big make-up moment between the two, probably on the VMAs or something. That’s what’s called “Manufactured Controversy 101.”

  • Lazycrockett

    Happily listens to the Pet Shop Boys.

  • Desert Boy

    Madonna is a bitter old hag.

  • Peterprice39

    How sad that dear Madonna has fallen to some a low as to waste her talents and energy on these dissing records of other artists. Many HipHop and Rap music performers can be the most hateful people in the entertainment industry. Besides backstabbing their fellow artists, releasing useless ignorant, dissing material posing as music, fighting each other and even resorting to murder. Madonna now feels that she must join this stupid behavior. Shame on you Madonna

  • Chris

    Because, of course, Madonna didn’t copy from Bette Midler; who in turn didn’t copy from Sophie Tucker…..

  • goluboi

    Who is Madonna?

  • leopoldbuttersstotch

    Yeah..no. This is the Daily Mail. Total BS. Gaga’s not even on Madonnas radar anymore. She never really did say anything bad about Gaga either, her born this way song on the other hand, she aptly described as reductive. That’s it. Meanwhile you have Gaga talking about Madonna on Howard Stern, claiming she always wanted to pissed off Madonna. Lying on Leno about getting an email from Madonna giving her blessing on her BTW song but then when Liz R denies it the song suddenly was inspired by Whitney Houston. Passive aggressively twitting about Madonna. When Metallica fans called her out when she twitted and claimed a picture of a Metallica concert as hers, instead of apologzing for the “mistake” she took a swipe at madona fans. This are some of the thing that made me not like Gaga anymore. Those are not from the tabloid where there is no proof like some allegations made about Madonna. It’s on video and on her twitter and instagram accounts.

  • michael mellor

    Madonna was the first of the corporate bimbos of the music biz. Many more followed, including Lady Gaga.

  • buffnightwing

    Madonna lost me when she threw the hydrangeas on the ground. She also lost me at the whole not maturing like the rest of the world thing. Dating 20 year old men while your daughter is hanging out with them at the same time is CREEPY.

  • buffnightwing

    Madonna RIPPED off Monroe, she ripped off EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. She ripped off Voguing from the drag queens and banshee boyz in harlem.

  • sectbrawn

    Lady CaCa better watch out before Vadge grabs her with the cougar crotch of death and sucks the youth out of CaCa like Vadge does to her boy toys.

  • DutchGay

    I expected Madonna to be above this -IF this article is true. Maybe Gaga followed Madonna’s recipe to success a bit (with popsongs and fashion statements) but nonetheless Gaga had to do it some 25 years later and things have changed a lot including the music industry, way of advertising and then there’s this thing called the internet. Gaga had to basically play a whole different game on her way to …uh… “THE FAME”. Most of Gaga’s audience wasn’t around when Madonna had her peak. Madonna will remain the Queen of pop and Gaga’s no threat at all yet. How many albums has Madonna released, how many tours has she done ? Gaga has a long way to go to get to that same level. Compared to Madonna she’s a beginner but a mighty fine and talented one ! Can’t they just be friends ?

  • gskorich

    hmmm gaga is pretty much at a plateau now so why has she decided to attack now? hmm could it be she is still trying to be relevant? madonna needs to get that three piece band together and take her act on the road, she is getting to old to fight with the 20 crowd. why can’t she bow out gracefully? he last couple albums have failed, her tours are successful for sure but how many different remixes of vogue and borderline can people take

  • digitaldog9

    So you just wrote a very immature response to something you think is immature.

    If you don’t like Madonna, or have never been entertained by her, why the nasty, immature comment?

    And you’re wrong about our “causes”, whatever that means. She has done quite alot for her gay fans over the last 25-30 years but I doubt a 16 year old would know much about it.

    Take care little monster.

  • digitaldog9

    When Gaga first came out, her songs were fun and silly and great to dance and sing along to. Now I find she is way too caught up in proving herself and has lost that fun, careless aspect of her trade.

    I wouldn’t mind another album like her first…. fun, singalong, dancing, good times.

  • digitaldog9


    Oh and MDNA and her last 2 other tours has Madonna on top of the entertainment game.
    Do you even watch news or read or use your Googles?

    Who cares if she has songwriters? She’s not Adele.

    you just sound severely bitter. You can enjoy both artists you know.

  • MinusSize

    @buffnightwing: You do realize that Madonna was honest about being inspired by Monroe. She didn’t copy her career step by step and then secretly try to ruin Monroe’s legacy like Gaga and her fans did.

    In terms of “ripping” off Voguing, how old are you? Madonna brought Voguing into mainstream culture at a time when gay people were treated like the Taliban. She forced gay culture on the mainstream and was crucified for it. The reason you have rights today is because of Madonna’s bravery (and other people as well).

  • viciouslies

    @crixus @Curtispsf: Well it’s a good thing that high school is about to start up again because it’s clear that you tween bitches are failing history. Madonna hasn’t been a supporter of the LGBT community? Well there’s this thing called AIDS that she was one of the first celebrities to fight against. HEARD OF IT???

    Back when gay men were dying by the thousands and our President wouldn’t use the word and even celebrities like Rock Hudson and Liberace who HAD the damn disease wouldn’t admit it, Madonna was out there raising money and starring in PSAs and talking about it in interviews. AIDS was a fucking death sentence and she was one of the only allies we had.

    I realize that for you if it’s not still on your tumblr feed it never happened, but for those of us who lived through the holocaust of the AIDS crisis, the people like Madonna and Liz Taylor and Susan Sarandon who came out and fought for us when we had very few people willing to do so will always have our gratitude. Bitch has had a 30 year career so OH I AM SO SORRY that maybe she wants to move on to other causes like poverty in Africa and rebuilding her hometown but to say that she’s never done anything for us is just indicative of you being a complete idiot and nothing else. Take a fucking seat.

  • jmmartin

    Too funny!

  • Ridpathos

    Why do you guys even care about this? This is the stupidest story ever and your reactions are even more stupid.

  • tdx3fan

    Gaga will be mortified? Madonna’s fans should be mortified. She should just stick to not trying to write her own material, because those lyrics SUCK. Lady Gaga is 10x more talented than Madonna in that area. Writing songs is a major talent of Lady Gaga. Maybe she should give Madonna pointers. Or LG could write the songs and Madge could perform them.

  • dark_lorde


    Oh you poor thing. This comment that you made is the epitome of ignorance. Lucky you have someone that know what they’re talking about to school you on the matter. Let’s go through what you said.

    “If Gaga had ever copied anything Madonna would have taken her to court, yet all she can do is write an immature song.
    Pretty sad that Grannydonna has to suck off the fame of others to maintain whatever relevance she still has.”

    Interesting. You do realise that when Madonna sings btw on tour by law she has to credit lady gaga. If you did your research before you made your ignorant comment you would know that Madonna does not credit lady gaga in the MDNA tour dvd credits. Incase you still can’t figure out what I’m suggesting, This indicated that there was indeed an out of court settlement.

    Now, let’s go through the rest of this nonsense.

    -Has song writers, rarely ever writes her own songs (even when she pulls an Elvis and demands cowriting credit for songs she didn’t write a word for)”
    Madonna has written more songs totally by herself in her first album alone than gaga has in her entire career. You know those things called official song writing credits? Yeah, you should look those up before commenting. It will help you to not look so foolish. Anyways, two of the songs in Madonna’s first album that she wrote totally alone peaked in the US top 10. Gaga’s music that she has written herself, hasn’t.

    “-Plays no instrument, relies on others to make her music”
    Except she does play music. She plays the guitar but anyways, playing a musical instrument is something that can be learned by anyone. It’s nothing to brag about.

    “-Copies whatever style of music is popular at the moment and tries to leach off of it.”
    The epitome of ignorance strikes again! LOL Babe, Several occasions in Madonna’s career. She has changed the direction of music. She does not hold the responsibility of releasing a groundbreaking album on every release.

    “-Relies solely on shock to sell her fading brand”
    Is that why Madonna still plays to more people, in less shows with more expensive tickets than anyone else in the game? Is that why Madonna is the worlds most bankable touring artist? People go to her shows because of the quality hon. Not to mention, fading? LOL On every tv show she has appeared recently she has increased the ratings, unlike lady gaga.

    “-Uses the LGBT community yet does nothing to help us or advocate for our causes.”
    Unlike lady gaga, Madonna actually has projects released to the public that did not cost her fans anything to own. Her human rights project was free, for all to download and aimed at creating a social revolution. Not to mention she has been fighting for the LGBT community for 30 YEARS dating back to before she was famous. – You’re a teenager aren’t you? Your lack of knowledge is shocking.

    -Married a super homophobe who made her disown her own gay brother.
    Oh – you know Guy do you? LOL

    “-Profilic song writer -”
    She’s written 3 songs by herself in her entire career and they were not hits.

    “-Classically trained musician, plays multiple instruments”
    My ears bleed whenever she plays. She constantly misses the right Keys.

    “Produces much of her own work”
    The credits for her music video GUY were more than 5 minutes long.

    “-Advocates tirelessly for LGBT rights and was very influential in overturning DADT.”
    No, she spoke about DADT while she was on a PROMO campaign for her album. gays buy her music however when the FIRST DOMA case came through, she was at a strip club in a wheel chair. it’s only when ARTPOP promo began did she speak out again but again, Madonna has been fighting for gay rights for 30 years. Do your research.

    “Gaga will be fine and Madonna’s single will bomb harder than MDNA did”
    Madonna’s single will most likely reach the US top 10 and become her 39th top ten hit which is more than anyone else has. After 30 years in the business. She will then go on tour which will again enter into the top tours of all time. Lady gaga with ARTPOP gained her second entry into the all time sales drops, (the only artist to do so) after 6 years and her current tour is struggling so much in Australia the top 3 tiers of seating in the arenas were covered with curtains so as to cover the unsold seats.

    In addition to your ridiculous factually incorrect comment, making fun of someone for their age. Really buddy? Age is in the same category as race, sex and gender. YOU (i can only assume) a teenager are growing old at the same rate as Madonna. What a sad, desperate route for you to take but I guess that’s what happens when your idol after only 6 years is about to fall from grace into irrelevance.

  • queerty

    Madonna stole “vogue” from Malcolm mclarens “deep in vogue” . Madonna stole “la isla Bonita ” from a singer named
    Yuri in Mexico. Madonna stole Monroe .. The list goes on and on.. Madonnas a bitch
    And that’s putting it nicely. She screwed her dancers and back up singers. Go rent Julie browns “medusa,
    Dare to be truthful” hilarious mock of Madonna w guest appearance w Kathy griffin made in the 90s. Madonna
    Stole everything from everyone

  • queerty

    Oh I forgot … That video of Madonna as a cheerleader.. Total absolute rip off
    Of Gwen stefanie

  • noegp

    Little monsters throwing a shit fit. Hilarious! I love how alot of you commentators talk slot if bullshit when this is just a rumor. Also, some if you really need to do your research .before talking nonsense. You use stories like this as an opportunity to throw your ranting It’s Pathetic.

  • noegp

    @tdx3fan: @Ridpathos: I know right. This site should even be ashamed for writing or posting such nonsense.

  • noegp

    @queerty: please shut up. You sound So foolish.

  • erikwm

    I like music from both, but Madonna has few fans among millennials and Lady Gaga’s popularity is in decline. It seems both are a few steps behind.

  • Random

    I doubt this story is true. Gaga’s career has tanked and she’s going to end up as nothing more than a footnote in the history of pop music. She’s this generation’s Paula Abdul, ‘though her stock’s so low she’d be lucky to get seat on a talent show right. She’s most likely to end up playing to a handful of gays in a dive bar who want to relive the noughties, by the early 2020s.

  • Random

    @queerty: And in No Doubt’s It’s My Life video, Gwen Stefani is a total rip of Madonna in her Express Yourself video.

  • lykeitiz

    @viciouslies: Soooooo well said!! Although I’m a fan of some of Gaga’s music, her fans are petulant, history-deprived, ignorant children whose ramblings are SO off-base & without any trace of facts. You couldn’t have put it any better!

  • lykeitiz

    @buffnightwing: You do realize that the reporter who handed Madonna the hydragenas was the same one arrested for striking Brad Pitt on the red carpet, getting smacked by Will Smith for kissing him on a red carpet, and looking up America Ferrara’s dress on a red carpet. He clearly knew it would set Madonna off & was setting her up.

    As for ripping off Marilyn Monroe, there’s a difference between emulating & ripping off. Do you seriously think there was ANYONE who didn’t recognize who Madonna was referencing? And how far do you think Vouge-ing would have gone without Madonna’s help?

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