Madonna to Sir Elton: Let It Go


In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Madonna dishes on her still-ongoing feud with Sir Elton, and her wishes for a full reconciliation:

He slammed her after she was nominated for a Best Live Act at an awards ceremony, sparking a series of public outbursts aimed at other stars.

Madonna says she is aware that she became “a target” during the row.

“He did send me a letter apologising for his last outburst, right before his wedding,” she admitted. “But he seems to be angry. I seem to have become a target…It’s not very gentlemanly or gracious,” she added.

We love Sir Elton, but we implore him to give up this nasty grudge. We presume he only sent that pre-wedding letter to ensure delivery of the Richie/Ciccone wedding gift.

Elton John Holding A Grudge [ UK]