Madonna Totally Knows Why You Totally Love Her

Speaking of obsessions, we know some of you queers love Madonna, so here’s a transcript of Madonna telling Sirius host Larry Flick why you’re obsessed with her (Madonna, that is):

Flick: Why do you think gay people love you so much, Madonna?
Madonna: Oh, God, everybody asks me that… Well, ’cause I have my own personal theory…Oh, share.
F: Well ’cause I think, I think, I think you’re a big old queen yourself.
M: Well, there’s that theory, there’s that theory.
F: ’Cause you’re kinda girlie like a queen, but you’re also…
M: But I’m kinda tough like a guy?
F: But you’re a top. You’re a top.
M: Definitely, definitely.
F: You’re definitely not a bottom.
M: Nooo! Don’t tell that to my husband.

Um, really? Because we thought you drew those lines a long time ago.