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Madonna Unlikely To Cameo on Christopher Ciccone’s Music Reality Show

Madonna‘s little brother Christopher Ciccone, who remains quite bitter about his sister’s success, is set to begin filming his own reality show! After Khloe and that other one, it’s clear they’ll give anyone some air time.

Though we’ve argued against Christopher’s lame campaign to become an American Idol judge, I’m actually loving the idea of seeing him in a reality show. It’s called The Ciccone Factory, and while filming begins this week in Miami it has yet to be picked up by a network.

Technically the show isn’t about him, but the up-and-coming music artists he’ll feature and ostensibly groom while cameras roll. Each week he’ll gather his as-yet-unfamous acts at a club and let them perform, probably while offering some bitchy commentary between sets. It’s going to be so Studio 54!