Madonna Will Never Apologize For Loathing Hydrangeas… NEVER!!!

Know this: gay men only like Madonna in part for her music. The other part? Her unapologetic bitchiness.

Last week, some fan at the Venice Film Festival handed Her Royal Madgesty a bouquet of hydrangeas during a press conference for her movie W.E.. Madonna replied by politely saying “Thank you,” then rolling her eyes, putting the flowers under the table, and saying “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” Today, Madonna has made a video apology for her actions… sorta. In it, she gleefully stomps on another hydrangea bouquet and says “So fuck you I like roses.”

Hydrangeas Against Violence and for Equality (HAVE) will likely file a lawsuit alleging floral abuse via pollen to their nearest botanist. The hydrangeas will get their revenge, Madonna!