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  • Nick

    She had to go on tour just so someone (although involuntarily) would look at that stanky crotch.

  • Nick

    btw, her new cd sucks to no end.

  • faghag

    ill-advised outfit choices???????????? fuck off!
    who are you a 50’s housewife.
    spare us the madonna hatred please, this is getting old.
    this woman is a fucking legend, like it or not.
    she looks amazing.
    haters can suck it!

  • ggreen

    You can almost smell the FDS and Vagisil over the Ben Gay!

  • afrolito

    Madonna looks amazing…FACT.
    Her Givenchy designed outfits look amazing…FACT
    Madonna is the best (and biggest) female pop entertainer ever….FACT

    It must really kill queerty, and your fellow ageist/misogynist blogger buddies, that Madonna continues to reign supreme selling millions of cds, and filling stadiums all over the world.

    I love the huge fuck you, Madonna gives to all of her loser haters every time she flashes the VADGE.

  • SuperCat

    Hey Madonna is still great. I am not gonna start hating her just because I don’t like her recent album.

  • Trick

    She looks great to me and I love the new cd.

  • michael

    Most people in the world stick to mediocrity. Good music, good design, intelligent conversation is not something the masses have ever gone for. Madonna goes after the mediocre crowd which is the majority. From a financial standpoint its brilliant but from an artistic stand point it is not. Just because someone is successful does not mean they are good. Just take a look at our president, he managed to successfully secure the presidency twice, but does that make him good at being president?

  • afrolito

    There’s NOTHING mediocre about Madonna as a performer. She leaves EVERYONE behind, which is the reason behind her incredible success 25+ years in the business. Madonna is the art, and people all over the world are facinated by her artistry, reinvention, and determination. There is no one like her now or ever. That is why people pay $400, and fill stadiums to see her.

    Comparing her to Bush is one of the most idiotic things i’ve ever read here, and that’s saying something.

  • boytroy

    I’m telling you all, if she keeps dancing like that your gonna see everything from household objects to old pieces of fruit fall out of that twat of hers. She’s just a fucking skank. I agree with number 8 she is a star for the brain dead masses of which AFROSHEEN no. 9 is obviously a part of. “Madonna is the art” now thats one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard.

  • joe

    Please, If she had died or went into retirement. all You phoney bitter old queens would all be flocking to Bay City, MI. and be all crying at her birthplace.
    Leave her alone for god sakes. face it, shes an icon and legend. be greatful shes alive and heathly. Still entertaining us still in this world full of hate.
    btw, im 46! not a huge fan of Hard Candy either. but its alot better than most of crap out their in the music industry. Whatever happened to traditional Summer song?

  • marcus

    I am sure that thing is sticky, but I seriously doubt if its sweet.

  • dvlaries

    You know, Madge, that stops being sexy when one is old enough for Premarin prescriptions…

  • boytroy

    I just heard a rumor that she might be cumming out with her own
    perfume. It will be called “Yeast Infection” by Madonna. Inspired by her own natural Flora it will be a cheesy concoction of mold, sweat and essence of vinegar. Should be in Walmart stores nationwide soon if all goes well.

  • MX3

    Afrolito needs more fiber in his diet. Madge is a skeeze, always was always will be.

  • joe

    Come on, if she came out with her own perfume.
    It would be called “CUNT”
    and the commerical slogan would be
    “Because She Is”

  • Vicente Fox

    Why so many fags worship at the altar of that talentless old hag I will never understand.

  • marc

    Oh for christ’s sake, if you don’t want to look at her crotch, then don’t go to the concert and don’t read about her tour and when you’re in Virgin, don’t look at her cd cover allright?

    Fucking whining little babies.

    I can’t wait for her tour to get to my stop, i’m a gay man and I’ll stare at her crotch all fucking night!

  • marco channing

    Madonna is still doing the same shtick she was doing when she was 25. There is no real depth there. It’s all surface. Which is why she can’t go out on stage alone, fully clothed, for more than one song (have you seen her painful cover of “Imagine”?). This is exactly why she couldn’t make it in the movies.

    I’ll admit that her name is attached to some memorable pop songs, but, for a woman who has lived a life like hers, you would think she would have more to offer her audience that a freshly lifted face under a tired top hat and a gyrating, post-menopausal crotch wrapped in fish-nets. What once seemed like an edgy take on feminism now reads as a desperate attempt to remain f*ckable. She has become the musical equivalent of Joan Collins.

    So what if she sells tickets. Millions of Americans voted for Bush. That doesn’t make him a good President. Popularity does not equal quality.

    She remains a brilliant marketer of her own fascination with herself. But, she is no more relevant today than the Rolling Stones or U2 are. She has become a nostalgia act.

    Next stop: Vegas.

  • Charles

    I’ve never seen her in concert, if it’s about her cooze…again I’ll pass.
    Why do you gays guys get so upset when people say they don’t like her, do you all get some sort kick back from the cd sales or something?
    She can’t sing, but I’ll admit that she marketed a whole lot of nothing and a lot of you bought it.

  • Psychofag

    I´d rather see her husband´s crotch…

  • marc

    haha, it’s not getting upset but please Charles tell us which musician you love or even admire and we’ll all tear it apart just for the fun of it.

  • mds

    Madonna’s problem is that she lacks any sort of humility. Obviously her ego is alive and well. There are other singers who
    were provocative but also kept it age appropriate. Take Cher for example, she has had a lot of hits, stayed on top for years, wore some pretty out there costumes on and you seldom hear anyone bash her, why? Because she does have an underlying sense of class, realness and dignity about her. She knew at what point to put her pants back on. She has said time and time again that she is not a great singer and its that humility which keeps her lovable. Madonna possesses none of these qualities. And as far as great musicians and singers go today, I cannot really think of any. Sure Celine Dion has a great set of pipes, but you have to listen to those sappy ass songs she sings. Great female pop singers really don’t exist anymore such as Debra Harry, Cyndy Lauper or Sinead O’Conner. These women could sing, really sing, and did not have to resort to showing us their crusty old snatches to entertain us.

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