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  • Jack

    Wow. It even gives you the options to ‘enlarge’ and ‘zoom’. But sadly nothing you can click to poke out your mind’s eye.

  • Andrew

    Oh my.
    i’ve never seen so much bush.
    And I’ve dated a lot of bears…

  • RainaWeather


  • ron

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • marco

    oh dear

    I think I’m double gay now

    It looks like the shit I pull out of my tub drain

  • gkruz

    I find the hair on her legs more appalling!

  • tinkerbell

    OMG, reaffirms why I am gay. I’ve seen many of my girl friends in the nude, and I’ve NEVER seen anything that hideous. That’s a monster, lol.

  • geoff

    Oh god…my eyes….I knew better but I had to look.

  • Joanne

    at least she is consistent. gross now and gross then.

  • madonnaphile

    I hope that the buyer will have it colorized.

  • Chaq

    I like this photo and I’m intrigued by it. It’s interesting to see someone whose image is now so manipulated, and so commonplace, being displayed in such a raw form, being as she is ungroomed and hairy. It’s revealing a little bit of truth, which is nice I reckon.

  • TroubledMnd

    WTF?! That is disgusting, even her armpits have hair!

  • BJ

    Ladies ladies ladies…get a grip please. This is what a lot of women look like au naturelle. I’m just perplexed that she looked so different back then; here her Italian roots very clearly shine through. She even has nipple hair :-)

  • rsquared

    Grooming standards were different in 1979. Duh.

  • Steven

    Such tiny nipples. That I wasn’t expecting.

  • dairyqueen

    10K to 15K for this pic? OK?

  • CausticKid

    She was almost like a virgin here… to a Gillette razor that is!LOL I really like it. It´s raw and she´s very hairy, even by 1979 standards. But hey… at least she looked human back then, right?

  • Val

    Gross. Just gross.

  • sparkle obama

    madonna’s story was the bohemian ideal for me @ 17, ca. 1984.
    i wanted to eat out of garbage cans and wear tights on my head, too…
    we knew at the time that those were the most relevant, funky pits since patti f*ckin smith.
    i saved that playboy for 20 years.
    haters can eat it and are too careless & ungrateful.

  • Kid A

    Is there any point to this post except to have gay men bash a natural, nude woman?

  • bob simons

    What is it with pubic hair? Grow up kids, this is what a body (and a wonderful one I must add) looks like…

    The only thing that is “gross” is the fact that people got so brainwashed by two decades of plastic “beauty” that they get disgusted when they see the real thing.

  • Vanhattan

    Women trimmed their Bush back in 1979. What I find interesting is her face as she was a quite beautiful woman.


    It looks gross and scary! Eeeewww!

  • RainaWeather

    Just to clarify, I think it looks fine. I just didn’t think there would be that much.

  • michael

    her deal with the photographer must have ran out sure she put a stop to these or a time frame hence 20 years later . no news
    good for the photograper he took a risk actually he helped discover her as she was almost a nobody . gave her cash to eat a meal .

  • Alexa

    I think she looks beautiful. Such a change from today. And it’s not because she’s younger, it’s for exactly the reason some of you hate the photo, it’s so natural.

  • rory

    looks like a beaver crawled over her vagina just as the photo was taken and died there. shame she didn’t notice hey

  • Stephen

    cow tounge in a bowl of ramen noodles.

  • Stephen

    tongue? whatever, It looks like it would lick you if you got too close. A black poodle in need of a trim.

  • Stephen

    She has a beautiful face, even without makeup.

  • alysha

    dude it look like rats sheeded on her gross

  • Joe

    Instead of bashing her for looking like she has JJ from Good Times in a leg lock, maybe we should thank her for contributing to the reason our culture shaves today.

  • greg

    OMG her bush is huge i love it

  • Brianna

    What is up with the comments here? How many of you men shave your armpits, legs, arms, pubic hair, back, chest? Grow up. I’m sure some of you have more hair on your back than she has on her entire body.

  • ray

    They shouldn’t allow smoking within 50′ of that forrest. It could start a brush fire. I just think that is poor hygiene. Good thing photos can’t emit odors.
    Her face was really pretty though. I think she got the message back then. You’ll notice that in the Penthouse photos that were taken back then, after the Playboy ones, she was super trimmed, armpits, legs, vagina, even shaved all that black hair off her chest. Yes, if you see clearer photos, you’ll see that she had quite a hairy chest too.

  • Jake

    I just about lost my diet coke through my nose laughing at the comments here (ouch that burns!!). I wonder how many of the gay men who post on here actually had sex with a woman before coming out of the closet. I did, and there’s nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t do anything for me (although I still have a fascination with nipples, just male ones… wonder why???). Now look at Madonna, this is how women in Europe looked before Brazilian waxing.. it’s beautiful, and raw. Nothing wrong with that.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Years ago, my mother said, regarding Madonna, “There’s just nothing left to exploit. She’ll resort to x-rays next.”

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