Madonna’s Super-Lesbian Affair

This piece of gossip is pretty trashy, but we know you Madonna-philes would want to know all about it, so here we give you lesbian supermodel Jenny Shimizu‘s very explicit account of her lesbian affair with Madonna:

Jenny Shimizu Madonna sex affair

“From the age of 14 I’d watched her videos and thought, ‘I’m going to have sex with that gorgeous woman one day.’ And that night my fantasy came true–again and again and again.”

Apparently she was “on-call” for all of Madonna’s midnight sexual cravings during the course of their affair. It all sounds so tawdry, and probably fake, but we love it.

And Jenny doesn’t stop there. She also talks about tongue-kissing fellow model Naomi Campbell after seeing her naked backstage at a Versace fashion show. We can’t imagine kissing Naomi Campbell without a mouthguard; she’s nuts.

Madonna Used Me As A Lesbian Sex Slave – But Rebecca Loos Made Me Her Husband [News of the World via Glitterati Gossip]