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MAGA supporters tricked into agreeing with school Bible ban

A child reads a Bible
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In the last few days, a school board in Tennessee removed an award-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust (Maus by Art Spiegelman) from its curriculum. In Texas, several schools have removed books from libraries that cover LGBTQ issues and Critical Race Theory.

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As more school across the US discuss the banning of books, two internet pranksters have probed the beliefs of some of those in Texas.

Comedy duo Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler are known online as The Good Liars. A video they shared on TikTok and Twitter finds them asking people in Houston about a certain book.

They inform them it contains a story about two daughters who get their father drunk in order to have sex with him and become pregnant.

Those interviewed are disgusted and immediately respond that such a book has no place in any school library.

“Why do kids need to read that?” asks one man wearing a MAGA hat.

The only problem is that the book in question is the Bible. The story reference comes from Genesis 19:30-38. It’s about Lot and his two daughters, who live in a cave together.

As “there is no man around here to give us children”, the older sister decides they have no option but to sleep with their elderly father. Lot eventually has two sons, Moab and Ben-Ammi, with his two daughters.

On learning it’s the Bible, one of the women interviewed laughs, shakes her head, and says, “No, no, no”, perhaps realizing she’s been duped.

Selvig and Stiefler told Newsweek: “We saw stories of books being banned in public schools as a result of cherry-picking certain passages that could be deemed offensive. The Bible has some pretty messed up stuff in it.

“We wondered what conservatives would say if they heard stories without the context of the rest of the book. Would they want the Bible banned from school libraries?”

“Something similar is happening in Texas and Arizona where parents have asked to remove books from libraries because of certain passages that were taken out of context,” they added.

“In the same way, the Bible is not a book about daughters getting their fathers drunk and having sex with them. The context matters.”

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On TikTok, the video has had over 800,000 likes and prompted thousands of comments.

“The blind eye they practice is incredible,” said one responder.

“It’s amazing they don’t read the bible!!!” said another: a sentiment echoed by many.