Maggie Gallagher Admits: A Gay Relationship Is Better Than Her Marriage

Maggie Gallagher’s disdain for Marriage Equality New York board president Cathy Marino-Thomas was palpable. The feeling, we’re guessing, was mutual. The two shared the stage at Hofstra University’s “Day of Dialogue,” and even outside the confines of a 30-second spot, Gallagher was still trafficking in misinformation. And eye rolls.

We do appreciate the debate over whether our “intolerance” for bigotry is, by definition, hate — of the very same variety we call out and despise daily on this website. That’s Gallagher’s position: By labeling Prop 8 supporters as advocates of hatred, we’re being intolerant ourselves, showing no respect for a difference in viewpoints.

But what Maggie does not, and may never understand is the difference between agreeing to disagree, and actively endorsing discrimination against an entire group of people. For that, we cannot be tolerant. The folks who push forth the myth that gay marriage somehow impacts their rights, and thus we should not be viewed as legitimate couples the way heteros are, is hatred.

We don’t hate you, Maggie. There are some nice things about you. You’re pretty eloquent. And we like your bangs. We do, however, hate your manipulation of information to perpetrate discrimination.

But here’s the soundbite we’re holding on to, as Maggie addresses Marino-Thomas: “[Your marriage] may be better, but it’s not a marriage. … It’s probably better than my marriage to hear you talk about it. I wouldn’t talk about my marriage in such glowing terms.”