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Maggie Gallagher Discovers New Use For America’s Abandoned Parking Lots: Hate Rallies

“Hate is not a family value,” Maggie Gallagher told a crowd smattering of proud American bigots in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday (above). Then on Saturday the National Organization for Marriage tour headed to Lima, Ohio, where twenty-two people (including NOM staff) showed up in the parking lot of an abandoned grocery store to really send home their metaphorical message: bankrupt.

Gallagher says “30” people showed up in Lima, where there was a heat index of 105 degrees. Just how you wanted to spend a summer Saturday: in the hot sun with the wonderful smell of a molten Maggie.

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    “If I can’t get a good crowd to my hatefests, I am going to make myself one….

  • Rick Brannon


  • Lanjier

    It is looking less and less like a movement, and more and more like a small group of fundie fucks evaporating under the bright light of justice.

  • Sceth

    Gallagher: “They believe that the 62% of Ohio who support marriage as a union of one man and one woman re like bigots who oppose interracial marriage. Do you believe thaat?”
    NOM: “Yaaaaaay!”

    Quite honest.

  • the crustybastard

    Maggie, et al: Your willingness to have penis-in-vagina sex doesn’t make you special.


    It just makes you ordinary.

    In fact, the way you enjoy having sex is, and should be, completely irrelevant to raising children or having vested legal rights.

    In conclusion, if I can admit that I hate you, surely you can admit that you hate me?

    Because I really, really hate you, Maggie.

    Not because you’re straight, but because you’re a vapid goddam bigot who imagines you’re better than other people.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Pur, pur Maggie. She’s been subjugated by the Tea Partiers for attracting haters.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    nom nom nom nom nom
    nom nom nom nom nom
    nom nom nom nom nom


    hate tastes awful…

  • Jeffree

    Don’t you think that NOM would cancel the tour now that they keep getting such low turnout? They’re just looking more desperate with every passing tour stop.

  • Dennis

    @crusty “In conclusion, if I can admit that I hate you, surely you can admit that you hate me?”

    Real tolerance is the ability to get outside of your own head and see a situation from someone else’s perspective. Your comment makes it sound like you can’t do that.

    I disagree with you. I don’t think Maggie hates you. I think she’s sincerely concerned about the implications of changing the definition of marriage to include same-gender marriages.

    I can imagine that from your perspective it seems like she’s an aggressor, worthy of ridicule since she’s not able to gather a huge crowd in her campaign to invalidate other people’s way of life.

    From her perspective, perhaps, and from that of many Americans, it is the members of the gay rights movement who aggress against an important, and in our day a particularly vulnerable institution. Yet, even in the face of what might appear to be an assault on what she holds dear, she seems to be wholly motivated by concern for the welfare of society, of those innocent of any wrongdoing who may be (at least in her mind) injured by redefining marriage. Her language is civil. She does not demean herself by making juvenile comments about the appearance (@plays well) or behavior of those with whom she disagrees.

    I’m sorry, folks, but weighed in the balance she seems to be the one exhibiting greater tolerance and respect for others. You should be ashamed of your cruelty to her, which if you delivered face to face would be hateful and contemptuous, and delivered as it is online seems petty and vindictive at best.

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