Maggie Gallagher Is Now Furious With Chris Christie For “Banning Chastity”

maggie_gallagherYesterday, Maggie Gallagher blew a gasket over Gov. Chris Christie signing a bill to ban conversion therapy for minors in New Jersey. Then she unblew it by issuing a “major correction,” claiming that the original statement went out without her approval. Now, Gallagher is back. And she’s still angry with Chris Christie, but for a different reason. This time it’s for “banning chastity.”

“Governor Christie just endorsed a law that thus excludes many gay teens who wish to live in accordance with Bible-based values from the circle of care; he has outright banned chastity as a goal of counseling,” Gallagher complains. (Just to be clear, counselors can still tell gay teens to be chaste; they just can’t tell them to be straight.) “His bill is not only anti-religious, anti-liberty, and anti-family, it is anti-science because it does not permit scientific knowledge to evolve in the hands of competent professionals.”

So how is this so very different than the original statement, which had all the earmarks of something scrawled on a cocktail napkin still wet with rings from the daiquiri glass? Gallagher says she objected to the statement saying that gays are “tormented” by their sexual desire. In a window into Gallagher’s psyche that we would like to slam shut as quickly as possible, she believes that “as far as I can see for most men, of whatever orientation or state in life, being tormented by sexual desire is pretty much the human condition for long stretches of life, rather than an unbearable cause for condescending pity.”

So glad we cleared that up. Now Maggie can get back to alienating one of the few anti-marriage allies she has left in New Jersey.

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  • RSun

    I love free speech. It allows our foes to show just how crazy they are. Speak up Maggie…you’re doing our work for us.

  • MikeE

    So if I understood her correctly, she thinks that ALL men are “tormented” by their sexual desires. In other words, she is anti-sex, of any sort, not just gay?

    The only conclusion that I can come to regarding her “condition” is that she is probably frigid and has developed a hatred of all things sexual, which she is now using as a weapon against others who do not share her opinion on sexual contact.

    In other words, this woman is certifiable.

  • Captain proton

    She’s looking better. has she lost weight?

  • sfbeast

    The person who should have been required to practice chastity was Maggie’s mother.

  • trelin

    She’s a virus.

  • Cam

    1. Are we supposed to pretend that we can’t recognize a bitter fag hag still pissed because her gay crush wanted nothing to do with her when he found a boyfriend?

    2. Hey Maggie, once again, you advocate for “Traditional” marriage yet did not take your husband’s last name, are never in the same place he is, don’t wear a ring……and just who is that guy that your husband is always “Traveling With”?

    3. Lastly, hey..Mags…it’s over, you lost.

  • yaoming

    Does she have any children? I thought that’s what the “sacred institution of marriage” was created (by god) for.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Maggie does indeed present a strong, strong case for abortion at any stage.

  • 2eo

    @Dakotahgeo: To be fair any child bore from her with severe fetal alcohol syndrome is about 50,000 years ahead of her evolution wise. This Beluga had her day, and like all bigots is on the losing side.

    She writhes about, flailing at the world but I don’t think there is a crane powerful enough to roll her back into the ocean.

  • tdx3fan

    Putting aside that she is bitter because even her vibrator does not want to fuck her…. Lets examine her “argument.” Conversion therapy is junk science that is nonendorsed by every leading medical group. Anyone that is practicing it should lose their license.

  • Jared MacBride

    She should challenge Christie to a donut eating contest. He wouldn’t have a chance.

  • bruno1950

    Maggie reminds me of Anita Bryant, soon she will disappear, but not soon enough …

  • Scott Rose

    Of course Maggie Gallagher is lying about what the new law does. It’s her habit to lie through her teeth out both sides of her gay-bashing bigot mouth.

  • Scott Rose

    @bruno1950: Gallagher would deserve to be hit in the face with a dog shit pie. I lost all restraint about commenting on her, after she lied about youth suicide statistics in MA. Overall over time in ALL youth categories, suicide went down in MA after equality passed there. Because the trend was working against her anti-gay arguments, Gallagher made very serious, deliberately misleading public statements about the statistics. For a bigot to lie about equality correlating to a lowering of youth suicide rates just has to be one of the most despicable things ever. The blood of gay bashing victims is dripping off of Maggot Gagginwhore’s sausage fingers. You can very easily find online the video of NOM’s Manhattan hate rally where one of its chosen speakers yelled through a megaphone that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

  • Dakotahgeo

    @2eo– ROFL… thanks for my final giggle of the day, but why are we disrespecting Belugas? It wasn’t THEIR fault, LOLOL.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Why does Maggie Galaghate specify, “men” rather than men and women. She really has issues. This is about her. The more she writes, the more she reveals. She truly hates gays. What a life.

  • daveusericuk

    Maggie Maggie Maggie….

    He left you, get over it. Trying to destroy LGBT Rights, isn’t going to bring him back.

    And a word of friendly advice… stop wearing brown, it makes you look like C3PO should be standing next to you translating as you demand they “Bring Solo and the Wookie to me!!”


    The Gays…

  • Atomicrob

    Ms. Gallagher needs a makeover at Bloomingdale’s cosmetics counter.

  • MK Ultra

    I find when these hate groups or individuals make these sort of statements, that they are either consciously or unconsciously describing their own motives and intentions and are projecting it onto their target.
    ““(His bill) is not only anti-religious, anti-liberty, and anti-family, it is anti-science because it does not permit scientific knowledge to evolve in the hands of competent professionals.”
    This actually describes Maggot herself.

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