Maggie Gallagher’s Moving Speech On Why Her Husband Ditched Her on Marriage & Family Day

Rhode Island had a very special guest yesterday: the one and only Maggie Gallagher! She was the big draw for the National Organization for Marriage’s Rhode Island “Celebrate Marriage & Family Day” in Warwick, but the drag queen best known for supporting only opposite-sex marriage couldn’t even convince her husband of 17 years to join her.


Rhode Island is just about the only state left in the northeast that will tolerate NOM, courtesy its Catholic base and regular ignoring of gay marriage. So thank you, America’s Tiniest State, for welcoming this group so they could relay their message.

And what, exactly, is that message? That marriage is universal! “Everywhere you go around the globe, there’s something called marriage,” says Gallagher, who quickly descends into a history lesson. And that’s when she starts getting the facts wrong.

Like how marriage, according to Gallagher, “is a sexual union.” Wrong. For most of human history, marriage was a contract, used for the exchange of property and goods.

Or how “it’s a universal human idea … in which the rights and responsibilities of the husband and wife towards each other, and towards any children that come out of their union, are publicly defined and supported, and we don’t try to just leave it up to teenagers in love to work out all on their own what this whole big phenomenon of human experience means — that’s a recipe for disaster.” Wrong: Many societies, like Gallagher, abuse the word marriage to fit their own ends, including the forced marriage of teen girls to adult men.

Now, we wouldn’t be fighting for marriage equality if we, the gays, also didn’t value human unions just like Gallagher. But we don’t have any misconceptions about what marriage is: A government-approved contract to enjoy certain rights and privileges, and a means to publicly celebrate our love.

Actually, that is what Gallagher thinks marriage is. She just believes gays and lesbians are less than, and not capable of handling such heavy paperwork.

(NB: Yes there were marriage equality advocates protesting nearby.)

(Pictured above: Jim and Terri Hopkins, en route to celebrating 25 years of marriage, renew their vows at the event, which they brought their daughter to. Photo: The Providence Journal)

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  • terrwill

    MAGGIE GALLAGHER: C U Next Tuesday…………..

  • Andrew

    Maggie says she’ll keep it short… the siren song of the buffet table already caught her ears……….

  • Fitz

    I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly?

  • Sorry

    Sorry, your ice cream will never be as good as that from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

  • Adam

    Dear Maggie Gallagher,

    When I was a child, I had both a mother and a father, something you say children long for. But you see, that’s not what I was longing for. I was longing to know that all those small urges that I didn’t even have a name for yet, urges that seemed to be focused in the “wrong” direction, were ok. But I didn’t get that. I got shame and fear and a childhood full of misery. Having a father and a mother did not help me any more than having only one of either would. What would have helped me is not having people in the world making it their life’s mission to perpetuate all that shame and fear, to continue the thought process that boys should like girls and that’s the only way to be a good person. Without people like that, like you, I would not have gotten called faggot over and over when I was only six. I wouldn’t have been beaten up and urinated on in the playground when I was eight. I wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep every night when I was ten.

    If you can’t have empathy and love for gay and lesbian adults, then at least stand by your “principles” and protect the children you say you care about, even those who may not be gay but face discrimination and pain over the vaguest perceptions of homosexuality. You would like to think that you are protecting children, but I would think anyone could agree that constant verbal and physical abuse hurts a child way more than any kind of confusion they may have over a slightly unorthodox form of love ever could.

  • John D

    I have a theory about why Gallagher’s husband “couldn’t make it.”

    Gallagher appeals (politically) to a specific conservative crowd. It’s not just marriage equality they don’t like.

    Maggie’s husband isn’t Mr. Gallagher. She’s working under her maiden name. It would have been interesting to see the crowd reaction as she introduced her husband and father of most of her children,

    Raman Srivastav.

    No joke. She’s Margaret Srivastav.

  • Bill

    Imagine when all of this is over, and when all of the dust settles on the gay marriage debate and we finally get marraige equality, Maggie Gallagher still has to be Maggie Gallagher. For the rest of her life. And her poor children. They will have to go through life with everyone knowing that their mother is not only a bigot, but that she stole people’s hard earned $$$ to advance her bigotry. I wonder if Maggie ever stops to think about that? To think about her legacy and her children and what this is costing THEM.

    I thought these opposite-marriage bigots were so concerned about ‘protecting the children?’

    What Maggie is concerned about is lining her own pockets with $$$. At the expense of her own family. What a pig.

  • Mel

    I loathe this woman as much as everybody else, but is it really necessary to insult her because of her weight? She should be smacked down because of her hateful message, not her weight.

  • Fitz

    @Mel: In principle I would agree, but she gets kudos from her people for her hateful stance– but no one likes a fat chick, so that is a more hurtful thing to talk about. If you can think of something even more destructive of her, I am open to changing.

  • Dave

    @Mel: Because it’s lazy, it’s unhealthy, and it’s a burden on our health care system. Anyone who says we shouldn’t talk about it should be responsible for paying for fat people’s inevitable medical costs.

    And besides, more of her to hate.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Mel: Her hateful religious beliefs are wrong. Her obesity is wrong, sinful and deviant.

    Gluttony seems to be a sin that Christians like to ignore. We are often quick to label smoking and drinking as sins, but for some reason gluttony is accepted or at least tolerated. Many of the arguments used against smoking and drinking, such as health and addiction, apply equally to overeating. Many believers would not even consider having a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette but have no qualms about gorging themselves at the dinner table. This should not be!

    Proverbs 23:20-21 warns us, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” Proverbs 28:7 declares, “He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father.” Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, “Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.”

  • MuffinMan

    I agree with attacking her beliefs and weight. At least Carrie Prejean was attractive.

  • strumpetwindsock


    No, it’s just an excuse for you to say something nasty.

    I thought your free market medical system was the best in the world. What business is it of yours what she does if she has the money to pay for it?

    And sure, all people who are overweight are lazy and unhealthy and need to be shamed. We all know how healthy and productive emaciated junkies are.

    Do you not think it is enough for you to challenge her ideas, or are you just to lazy to do so?

    @John D:
    That IS very interesting. I would love to have been privy to the conversation where that decision was made.

  • Dave

    @strumpetwindsock: Yes. Because the real substance of my comment was advocating for the emaciated junkie lifestyle. Do you actually think about the things you say, or is there some synaptic breakdown going on?

    Maybe Maggie has the money to pay for her own fat maintenance, I don’t know. But if she has insurance, then her laziness and lack of concern for her own health contributes to our superinflated health costs.

    Also, never said fat people should be ashamed. Just that they should try the produce aisle BEFORE the cookie aisle, and maybe go for a walk now and then. You know, do something about it.

    And if there’s more than one thing to criticize the bitch about, why not go all out? She’s detestable, and I intend to detest her in every way possible.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @strumpetwindsock: She’s a fat hog. That is an objective observation. FAT = LAZY.

  • Me So Hungry

    Put down that donut! Think about all the starving children!

    Fat is selfish.

  • strumpetwindsock


    No.Her personal appearance is none of your damn business.

    All it does is distract from the real issue, insult the many good people who are also overweight (and before you make an accusation I am not) and make you look like a judgmental fool.

    You want to detest her in every way possible? Since you open the door, one wonders where you might go if she were a visible minority.


    Reallly? What do you base that on?

    I expect there are probably more than a few overweight people working pretty hard right now while you are sitting in front of your computer.

  • Dave

    @strumpetwindsock: No. Keep up. Being a minority is no reason to be detested. You detest minorities? That just makes you an asshole.

    Now fat? That’s her own doing (or lack of doing). No one forced her to overeat or to avoid exercise. It’s lazy.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Actually the only thing that is lazy here is your mind, my dear.
    There are plenty of real things to call her on and the best you vain idiots can come up with is fat jokes? Frankly, you don’t present a good image for the rest of us queers who actually have our brains in gear.

    If Gallagher were as lazy as you make out how would she be able to do all the nasty things she has. I could accuse her of a lot of things, but sloth is not one of them.

    And regarding hatred of minorities, you’re the one who said you wanted to hate her in every way possible. I was just checking to see if you were actually paying attention to what was coming out of your mouth.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Frankly, I wish she WERE a lazy person…. then she wouldn’t be a problem for us.

  • Bongo

    I loved that drag queen when she used to perform at the Cock! She had the filthiest mouth and was always doing all sorts of drugs and odd things with cucumbers. Is this her next performance piece? It’s pretty wild and almost believable (except for the fact her “husband” was in “Canada” and couldn’t make it– hahahah! that’s the oldest lie in the book.)

  • Dave

    @strumpetwindsock: I don’t consider minority status a possible way to hate someone. You were the only one to suggest that. Here’s a tip for next time. 1) Read. 2) Think. 3) Diet and exercise.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @strumpetwindsock: You cannot be FAT, without being LAZY. If you care about your health and your appearance you stay FIT and yeah it takes EFFORT. No effort = LAZY.

    Got it?

  • BellyFlip

    Oh come on, that fat jokes are just silly. Sure, it’s a way to poke fun at ol’ Maggie but there are genuinely evil parts of her that are much more fun AND worthwhile to chastise her for. Like her husband, her outrageous beliefs, her poorly constructed arguments, etc, etc. And isn’t fat in now? I think I read that in the New York Times.

    All this talk of donuts… I’m going out for one now.

  • misael

    I think by calling on maggie because she’s overweight we might offend people that are overweight who are pro gay marriage. Just saying.There’s plenty you can say about Maggie besides the weight.

  • strumpetwindsock


    In other words you don’t think your ideas through before you let them out of your head.

    Bullshit. Almost half your population is overweight:

    Do you think all your pretty boys will put down their combs, break their gym dates and get their hands dirty in order to do their fair share of the work?

    (and let’s not forget those junkies)

    Believe it or not it is normal people who are doing the lion’s share of the work, and a lot of those people (at least in your country) have a bit of extra weight.


    I’m with you. Frankly I think these boys would have had enough experience being called ass-licking faggots to know that name-calling isn’t too productive.

    Don’t have a sweet tooth myself, though. I’m off for Dim Sum. I have garden work to do this afternoon, and need some fuel.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @BellyFlip: “Fat jokes?” Those aren’t jokes – they are just honest observations. Obesity is the number one health problem in the US and the biggest burden to our healthcare system. It is “preventable.”

  • Fitz

    I wouldn’t name-call an overweight person in other circumstances… shame does very little to promote the kind of behavior I hope to inspire. But my goal for her isn’t increased health, it’s to tell her to shut the fuck up and hide in her basement with a crate of Entermans. You don’t get to enjoy my humanistic side when you work to limit my civil liberties.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @strumpetwindsock: You defend fat, lazy people by insulting “pretty boys” with “gym dates?” Just by looking at them you can see they aren’t LAZY.

    FAT = LAZY


  • Dave

    @strumpetwindsock: Really? Fat is ok because lots of people are fat? That’s the best you can do?

    I see more than a few parallels between our current economic crisis and the extreme laziness apparent by how fat our population is.

  • strumpetwindsock



    and not closed-minded and arrogant in the least.

    Plus preening in front of a mirror and working on those abs does SO much to benefit society.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Yet it is evidently a lot of them who are doing the hard work, considering they are half your population.

  • Dave

    @strumpetwindsock: What makes you think that? There’s no correlation there, nor does it even make sense. More likely, the fat lazy people are the ones doing just enough to stay afloat. How inspiring.

  • Dave

    @Dave: Silly me. They must at least be working hard enough to afford all that food.

  • AlwaysGay

    I call Maggie Gallagher, Mrs. Maggoo. You remember the cartoon Mr. Magoo about an old retiree that is nearsighted and consequently gets into trouble. Well Mrs. Maggoo is a woman who is blinded by bigotry consequently causing trouble for gay people and stubbornly refusing to admit it.

    Contact Rhode Island congress people NOW and urge them to support marriage equality.
    Rhode Island Senate
    Rhode Island House

  • Dale

    Her buybull condemns us and she uses it in a most hateful fashion to dehumanize us and has based her entire life on that.

    Her buybull ALSO condemns her (gluttony) so I see absolutely nothing wrong with throwing it in her face the same way she’s doing it to us.

    She’s a sinful, fat glutton.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Fitz: Observing that a person is FAT is not “name-calling,” it is just being accurate. If the accurate description is felt “insulting,” then perhaps it will motivate the recipient to get off their fat ass.

    When people call cigarette smokers “stinky, unhealthy” it is accurate and probably helpful. That is also an accurate observation.

    It is unfortunate that discussing “fat” or obesity is considered “taboo.” It shouldn’t be because it is our number one health problem. Much can be done to prevent obesity and if some of that work means we stop making it “acceptable,” then that’s a good thing. Look around – the new “average,” is FAT. It’s a shame.

  • Peter

    Dale;;;; RIGHT ON!!!!!!

  • Fitz

    @ThinkRealHard/ Brian: Like I told you before, being a bully about overweight people does nothing to inspire change. There have been VOLUMES of information showing this. You are hiding behind this phony “I’m just callin like i see it” as an excuse to berate people who are in desperate need of help. Shame on you.

  • Arthur

    Commenting on Maggie’s physical appearance doesn’t help anyone’s argument. It detracts from it. The same way we get upset when anyone has a problem with the way one of us looks, or how angry we get when someone harps on Barney Frank because of his weight or the way he speaks — it’s unconstructive.

    Your words are better used criticizing her beliefs. (And finding out where her husband is. Please?)

  • dizzyspins

    oh for CHrist’s sake, people–grow some balls! The Maggie Gallaghers of the world want us in chains, if not dead. I will make any insult I can think of at their expense.

  • Forrest

    I don’t see Maggie and her ilk conducting an orchestrated campaign against single parents or grandparents raising their grandchildren, etc etc etc. Those are not “traditional” families either. They all get a pass for being heterosexual regardless of their individual socioeconomic stability or lack thereof. Bigotry pure and simple.

    It’s just easier to beat up on gays.

  • Sampson

    Hey Bongo, I know that drag queen you’re talking about. Jackie Beat, right? She used to perform at the Cock when it was on Avenue A. She was hilarious! (And she does look like Maggie Srivastav.

  • ThinkRealHard

    It is what it is. Of course we condemn her religious beliefs, but she is also a fat slob. Why do some of you have this “be nice” or tolerance attitude? Our healthcare system is on the verge of financial collapse and 40% of all healthcare costs are from “preventable” behavior: obesity, smoking, no exercise and poor diet. We ALL pay for that.

    If it was a “fair world” fat Maggie would have to pay more for health care than a fit woman. I would suggest she pay 150% of the amount a fit woman pays – she’s about 1.5 people. That’s fair.

  • Forrest

    I would like Maggie to explain how the hetero marriages minutes away across the border in MA and elsewhere in New England have been destroyed or in any credible way negatively impacted because we can marry there but not in RI.

    The idiocy of it all is really mindblowing.

  • adrianofnyc

    Why, oh why would she beg correction of a theologian for her mistaken views on marriage? Has she never heard of social anthropology? Oh, wait, that would vitiate her argument.

  • schlukitz

    Maggie is so interminably insufferable, that I could not bear watching her speak more than a few seconds into the video before hitting the stop button on the video, lest I throw my shoe at my video screen and ruin a perfectly good MacBookPro.

    She ain’t worth it!

  • legriff

    “And for those of you doomed to a life of resent in a marriages that’s fallen far short of the image I preach, but still want to clutch onto that outdated belief that all gays are somehow undeserving of the sanctity of your big mistake, let’s have a round of applause!”

  • Josh

    Man, I agree with all you fat-haters. We should round up all the fatties of the world and put ’em in fitness camps, separate from the rest of us HEALTHY people. After all, everyone knows that it’s the Fatties who are the cause of our financial woes! THEY drain the health care system that all we healthy Americans should have access to but do not because of the hated Fattie!!

    We are now going to have a total solution to the Fattie question. The program is clear. It reads: total separation, total segregation! What does this mean? It does not only mean the total exclusion of the Fatties from the American Health system…It means much more! No American can be expected to live under the same roof as Fattie. The Fatties must be chased out of our houses and our residential districts and made to live in rows or blocks of houses where they can keep to themselves and come into contact with Healthy Americans as little as possible. They must be clearly identified…. And when we compel the rich Fatties to provide for the `poor’ of their kind, which will certainly be necessary, they will all sink together into a pit of criminality. As this happens, we will be faced with the harsh necessity of eradicating the Fattie underworld, just as we root out criminals from our own orderly state: with fire and sword. The result will be the certain and absolute end of Obesity in America; its complete annihilation!

    Join the fight against the Überladen today and join the Nationalt Anti-Zaftig Institution today! Being a fattie is a choice and we shouldn’t have to look at it!!!

    [/end sarcasm]

    Christ, people, fat people are human too. They don’t deserve the vitriol and hate I see all OVER this site from some of you commenters. Go through your posts and replace the words “Fat” or “Obese” with “Gay” or “Jew” and see how you sound then. Think about how you sound before you spout off your mindless hate against a fellow human being and remember how frequently and recently your same words were used against you. Think to yourselves, “There but for the grace of God/Science/Spaghetti Monster go I” and instead of offering hate, offer some goddamn empathy and support.

  • Josh

    Now then, that out of the way, Screw Maggie Gallagher, she’s a bitch and a shrew, and her religious ideals have corrupted her so badly that all she can see is her own disgust and hatred of the dreaded “Other”.

    Evil, evil, EVIL woman and I can’t wait until the media stops paying attention to her and everyone like her.

  • BobP

    Re: the whole fat thing.
    If we want to be heard as a community, we’d better have something of substance to say. Don’t attack her personally, attack her ideas.
    Calling her names will just make us look bitchy and lame.

  • Dave

    @Josh: That’s actually a great idea. Worked on the Biggest Loser.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Josh: The “sarcastic” Josh made more sense.

    FAT is a result of personal “behavior.” Gay or Jew is NOT. For you to confuse that is fat-headed.

    Calling someone “fat” is just an honest observation, like “tall” or “short.” People become “fat” as a result of their own behaviors. We all hope that people put their health first – their appearance is a “bonus.”

    I’m curious…. how fat are you Josh?

  • Josh


    @ Think:
    Fat is a result of genetics as WELL as behaviour, not simply behaviour. Some people are genetically predisposed, no matter the level of exercise or diet, to putting on fatty tissue and it is NOT always a sign of gross disease-ridden ickiness, like you seem to promote. As well, Calling someone fat is more a way to make oneself feel better about one’s own shortcomings, not simply an “honest observation”.

    If you honestly promote “honest observation” in these matters, then I assume you call black people “darkie” and see nothing wrong with it since, after all, they ARE dark-skinned. It’s not racist, it’s an honest observation. Do you call people with glasses “four-eyes” as well? How about poor Southerners or people who live in trailer parks? Do you call them “redneck” or “white trash”?

    Something tells me, Think, that though you act tough and shameless here on the net, like all cyber-bullies, if you were face to face with 6’4″ man with a little extra weight in the stomach (Like me, for instance. AND I wear glasses, so double score for a bully like you) you wouldn’t call me “Fat” or “Four-eyes” to my face. You’d be polite as hell, and talk shit about me when I was gone to make yourself feel more like a man. And that’s fine, that’s your right.

    If I wanted to spend my entire life in a gym, sure, I could be built like a brick shithouse, easily. My body type puts on muscle mass quite easily. Almost as easily as it puts on fatty tissue, despite my best efforts to the contrary as a teenager. Now that I’m an adult, I’m quite content with exercising enough that my blood pressure is quite low, my cholesterol is almost non-exisitant, my heart and kidneys and liver work like those of a man ten years younger than me. Oh, sorry, those are some of the comments made at my last physical. Could I stand to lose a few pounds? Sure. I think everyone can. Do I want to be miserable and lose out on the joys of life just to make a bunch of physicality fetishists happy? Nope. I’m a LOT stronger than I look and have some padding over it. Makes it a lot easier to mislead people into thinking I’m all fluff, and I’m not miserable every day because of sore muscles and lack of food. I exercise, I eat right, but I still have fat.

    Guess I should be in a concentration camp, huh?

    You’re a bully, Think, and your terminological defense of your hateful words is as transparent as your self esteem issues.

  • Xul Zepp

    Maggie Gallagher is proof that the Holocaust did not matter to a good percentage of our population because if it did they would not be giving credence to a monster who preys on the innocent. We all know what their agenda is. These people I fear will not stop until the sodomy laws are reinstated and gay people are forced to undergo ethnic cleansing.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Josh: I call black people black and fat people fat. That is just “descriptive.”

    Thank you for acknowledging that you are indeed fat. Only a very few of the “fat crowd” has a metabolism problem – research indicates less than 1%. What about the other 99%? Lazy, right?

    You suggest I am a “bully” for being honest? No kidding?

    Let me assist you… you said “If I wanted to spend my entire life in a gym, sure, I could be built like a brick shithouse, easily.” Entire life. Really? Try an hour a day fatso.

    This kind of “it’s not my fault” and “don’t bully me” is EXACTLY why we have a big (overweight) problem on our collective hands. Instead of choosing “healthy” you blame everyone else for your laziness. YOU made you FAT Josh. Every buffet I have ever been to was entirely “voluntary.”

    So, Josh…. how did you get Fat? Telling the truth would start your recovery. Choosing “healthy” takes energy, effort and commitment. I hope you choose healthy. If you don’t, I hope as a society we figure out how to charge you for the burden you create for our healthcare system. I will support you if you put forth the effort, but if you’re going to be lazy and blame others, I want you to pay for that.

  • uffda

    @ThinkRealHard: you got a point.

  • Dave

    I’m not sure why this is hard. Think of it this way – if you’re honest, what are you attracted to? The trim, fit guys you see here on Queerty? The guys who care about their health and their appearance and clearly have the dedication and work ethic to get results? Or the fat ass Maggies of the world, who look lazy, sloppy, and unconcerned with how they appear to the world?

    Go to the gym, eat a good protein filled steak, get laid. Sex is better and more frequent when you can find your genitalia down there. It’s that simple.

  • uffda

    but you’re kinda being a prick about it

  • Josh

    Wow, Think, proving my point nicely by ignoring the facts I presented you with regarding my health status, and going right for the perceived weakness.

    Just like a bully. I’d love to see you go into a bear bar and call the patrons fat. We’d see how you felt after getting out of traction.

    But like a true bully, you feel better after lashing out from a distance, at a ‘safe’ target which you know will accrue no real, lasting penalty.

    And “a few extra pounds” does not equal fat. If it does to you, then you are a truly sad, image-obsessed queen and I pity you.

    So please, keep spouting hate, Think. And hey, maybe, while you’re at it, you’ll learn to do just that.


    And Dave? Nice of you to assume I can’t find my genitalia. LOL. I promise you one thing, I have NEVER had a problem in the sex department.

  • Josh


    Exactly. He does have a point. Overweight people are, mostly, to blame for their own weight problems, and laziness IS a major factor in America’s obesity dilemma. However, there are other factors at play which he refuses to acknowledge, thanks to his closed-minded dickery.

    Where he derails into Pricktown is in his hateful attitude and bullying demeanor.

  • Mudonna

    Maggie and her ilk are diaper sniffers with nothing better to do than to fetishize rituals such as marriage in order to manipulate others into accepting their “defense.”

    Way to go with buttering up history so you can swallow it easier Gallagher.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Josh: You didn’t “prove” anything accept the obvious – you don’t care about being fit and healthy.

    Either you are FIT or you aren’t. Fit is healthy and should be the goal of every human being that wants to enjoy life to its fullest. Anything less than that is a compromise.

    Oh, and the “bear” thing – ten years ago being a bear meant a “larger build muscular guy.” Now, it means FAT SLOB. So, no, I am not interested in “bear” anymore. We have a name for the fit guys that are larger build: FIT. The only silver lining to re-defining the term “bear” is that fat people get to hang with other fat people. You can drink together, try to find your dicks together and then have a buffet. It is probably convenient.

    You can continue to rationalize and apologize about being fat (like Anti-Faggie Maggie) but most of us acknowledge the obvious: Fat = Lazy. At the same time we encourage you to choose “fit.” You’ll feel better, look better and enjoy life more. That’s the truth. FIT = HOT.

  • Josh

    Think, AGAIN, you ignore my assertions, backed by recent medical exam, that I am a healthy man with a few extra pounds who exercises but doesn’t obsess over it like you seem to think is required. So AGAIN, you prove yourself an uninformed, unthinking bully with an agenda. Go you.

    Once again, fat people do not deserve the vilification you ooze with every post you make, nor do they deserve the “Oh well, they can’t help it” assertions of the PC crowd.

    And fit people with padding are NOT fat, nor are they unhealthy. They are fit. With padding. Deal with it, Think. Your body image issues are your own, not the rest of the world’s.

  • schlukitz


    First there was Yesonprop8, who after being banned by Queerty morphed into, by his own admission, Youcanthandthetruth, to spread the Gospel of Jesus and God according to him and terrorize the gay community with hellfire and brimstone.

    Now it appears that he has reincarnated under the name of Thinkrealhard, judging from the lack of posts from Youcanthandlethetruth for the last week that would indicate that he he was again banned from the site.

    Thinkrealhard’s propensity for using multiple word paragraphs as his screen name, his style of delivery, his smart-assed arrogance, his need to be mean and insulting and his love of calling people derogatory names, all fit his by now, very familiar style and m.o.

    I hate to be the bearer of ill-tidings, but if this is YCHTT in disguise, trying to debate or reason with him will prove to be nothing but an exercise in futility, as he seems as passionately addicted to flinging the word “Fat” about, as he did with slinging the words queer, homo, deviate and pervert around in his previous online persona.

  • Josh

    Tell, me, Think…are YOU a fat man? Or were you once one who was mercilessly picked on before devoting yourself to the gymgod, and thus, has a lot of unhealthy rage that you devote towards those who are overweight?

    The only thing I have said, repeatedly, is that we have to remember that, despite how the sight of a fat man naked might disgust us, they are still human, and thus, deserving of empathy and decency in discourse.

    You seem to not realize this, preferring the “venom and vitriol” tack that the Right Wingers use against the gay community, thereby completely missing your own hypocrisy.

    Oh, and again, fat does not uniformly equal lazy anymore than lazy uniformly equals fat.

    There are many, MANY factors that go into obesity, not just laziness, not just overeating.

    And again, fat does not uniformly equal unhealthy any more than unhealthy uniformly equals fat.

    The two are not equatable by any logical, functional math outside of your own bigotry and hatred.

  • Josh


    Ah ha. Thanks for the heads up. I won’t waste any more time on the poor fellow.

    Let his hate fester and consume him. I won’t try to lance it with logic any more.

  • Dave

    @Josh: Damn… I thought I was done with this thread. But then you went and called what you’re spewing “logic.”

    This country (spreading into the rest of the developed world) is groaning under the collective weight of our Kentucky fried obesity and battered and breaded laziness. Our American youth don’t stand a chance, when they’re raised by fat parents and fat teachers, right alongside their their fat friends, and McDonald’s is considered a quick snack before dinner. They’re growing up in a world where “exercise” means playing Wii. A generation of lazy, unhealthy, self-indulgent adults has raised a generation of kids who have never known any better. And if these kids don’t find health and fitness on their own by the tail end of puberty, they may never be able to successfully fight the uphill battle against diabetes, heart disease and the rest.

    Our population is inflating, and, proportionately, so are the costs of caring for their tremendously high risk of fat-induced disease. And yet you tell us that we should all play nice, and not hold up the healthy ideal. Don’t tell the fat person he’s hurting himself with every donut he dunks. That would hurt his feelings. No, just pass around the maple syrup. Pour it on real thick. Never mind when your toes start to tingle. That just means you’re getting a nice layer of “padding.”

    Gotta love that logic.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @Josh: You can cry all you want to – when you wake up tomorrow you will still be FAT. You did that, nobody else. If you think you can just make it “acceptable” that’s your choice. I guess it’s acceptable for the other fat guys. Have fun.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @schlukitz: < Another one of the “fat” ones. Get fit. FAT = LAZY.

  • schlukitz


    And damned if Dave is beginning to sound more and more like YCHTT’s old side-kick, DuttyBarb.

    Both have been conspicuous by their very absence.

  • ThinkRealHard

    @schlukitz: You sound FAT. Are you apologizing for fat people? Why? FAT is preventable.

  • Josh

    @schlukitz: LOL. Look at them, trying to provoke more. It’s cute in that way that a sick cat is cute…

  • Dave

    @Josh: Or one of those really fat cats, who can’t really get around so much anymore. So it juts falls over wheezing.

  • strumpetwindsock

    I still would like to know the real story of why her husband was not there. Have they ever appeared in public together?

    I also wonder where Dave and TRH’s fixation on fat and food comes from. Frankly, I am used to reading that kind of graphic purple prose from closeted straights who post in here claiming to be all disgusted about gay sex (but somehow coming up with pretty vivid imagery).

    You don’t suppose they are just ashamed and in denial of their desires for a man with some real meat on his bones?

    Anyway, I certainly know quite a few overweight, and even one or two obese people who carry more than their fair share of work in this world.

    You Americans likely wouldn’t even HAVE a country if it weren’t for that hard-working fat man John Adams (who lived to 87).

    These boys think they are supporting others bad habits? I can’t imagine they talk like this at their jobs at WalMart. Please someone send them five bucks so they’ll shut up.

  • John D

    Mr. and Mrs. (Gallagher) Srivastav apparently never appear in public together. As I noted, I really think that Maggie knows her supporters wouldn’t approve of dear Raman. (I would ask everyone to keep repeating that her name is Margaret Srivastav. We need a “where’s Raman?” campaign.)

    In any case, I’ve listened to her drivel now.

    She makes three claims about marriage for which she immediately carves out large exceptions. Marriage is for children (unless you don’t want them).

    Shorter Maggie: we will exempt opposite-sex couples from these requirements but use them to bar gay people.

    At the end, she adds one more characteristic: an irrevocable vow (made me think of Harry Potter). But we know what happens if you break Margaret’s irrevocable vow. You go through a divorce and the marriage crowd is fine with that.

    Unless you’re gay.

    Margaret, where’s Raman?

  • hudson

    @schlukitz: actually, doesn’t THINK sound a bit like TANK? Haven’t seen him here for a bit………..

  • strumpetwindsock

    I thought so too, but he hasn’t started spouting faux philosophy yet.

  • Phoenix (Don't Mind Me. I'm Just Cleaning My Pink Pistol.)

    Ahem, for those of you think we should mock Maggie Srivastav because of her looks and not her vile (im)morality, falsehoods, politics, and smug sanctimony: I would just like to say fuck you. Not all fat people are lazy. I, myself, gained 50+ pounds after developing a severe lung infection and then breaking both ankles and dislocating and fracturing a knee. You don’t get a hell of a lot of exercise if limping across the room on crutches causes severe chest pain and shortness of breath. If I’d been permanently injured, I’d probably be permanently chunky. I was not eating a lot (never have). Nor was my diet crappy (organic, mostly vegetarian), but still I gained weight because I couldn’t get around my own house, let alone the local gym. So fuck you….with a rusty chainsaw.

  • jessi

    He didn’t show up because she is a fat ugly pig and he would rather fuck the mud she rolls around in than her! Jabba the Hutt needs to get a gastric bypass. Every time I see her, it looks like she has a couple of extra rolls and chins.

  • robert

    What she doesn’t say is that she was once an unwed mother, yes, she had premarital sex, heaven knows how many times and even if it was just once, it destroys her anti-same sex marriage beliefs mantra. Surprisingly, she graduated from Yale with a degree in wait for it….religious studies.

    She also doesn’t say that she took payments from the Department of Health and Human Services to promote Bush’s “healthy marriage initiative”.

    She’s nothing more than a sleazy opportunist, notwithstanding her hypocrisy and bigotry which she has in abundance, but then most religious cultists do apparently.

  • schlukitz


    Yep. It’s the same tired, old story, over and over and over.

    Those with the most skeleton in their closet, are always the most boisterous and nosy about what other people are doing.

    You know the old proverb. The best defense, is a good offense.

    And, the religious right really knows how to be offensive.

  • Flex

    Thanks Maggie, you ridiculous bitch, everything you say will be used against you, and your money laundering front for the Catholic, Mormon, and Evangelical churches of hell, in a federal court of law.

    Watch out for Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, because we will resume our practice of marriage equality within a year, in California, and we don’t give a damn about what you might think, asshole!

  • Ioan

    Actually as a fat person who has lost 40 lbs (and am still losing), it can be done. Maggie just doesn’t care. I would generally look askance at the fat jokes but she asks for it by being such a puke. Some heavyset people I know are beautiful people in spite of their weight. Others are loathesome, ugly inside AND out. Maggie Gallagher fits that category. When I was traditionalist Catholic many, many years ago, I knew many, many people like her. She reminds me of Veronica Leuken (the woman who claimed to see the Virgin Mary in Bayside, NY)–just as mean spirited and homophobic as Maggie. Luckily I got smart and came out.

    I say this about very few people. From all I have read, Maggie Gallagher is a POS.

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