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Maggie Gallagher’s Thank You Note to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders for Helping Pass Prop 8


SOUNDBITES — “San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders is the reason Prop 8 got on the ballot. He gave moving testimony in court today about how much he loves his lesbian daughter. Sure. But he ran for office promising the people of San Diego he opposed gay marriage. And then, he signed a city council resolution trying to overturn Prop 22 instead of meeting his obligations, living up to his promises. And he used his daughter as an excuse. That’s wrong. Politicians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families. The National Organization for Marriage, which has been credited by gay rights activists as one of the main reasons Prop 8 qualified for the ballot, got involved because Mayor Sander betrayed his campaign vows. I was asked to fly to San Diego in October of 2007 by a group of San Diego Catholics upset about the Mayor’s betrayal. That meeting lead directly to NOM’s decision to try to raise a million dollars in January of 2008 to help Protect Marriage get this on the ballot. The rest is history. Thank-you Mayor Sanders.” —NOM chief Maggie Gallagher, thanking Sanders for his Perry testimony yesterday (via)

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  • unclemike

    What a miserable, hateful slag. So proud of her own marriage, she goes by her maiden name.

  • ChrisM

    How can people like her use the phrase “gay rights activists” and not see how fucked up they are for doing, even thinking, the kinds of things Maggie Gallagher does?

    I love how she criticizes the Mayor for trying to impose his “family values” on other people. What the fuck does she think her whole campaign is about? We’re not the ones trying to block certain marriages from happening and families from forming – she is. Anyway, this whole argument has nothing to do with values (except for the fact that as America, we should value equal rights for all) like she thinks it does. Gays are going to form couples and have families whether they can call themselves married or not. That doesn’t take the love away, as she seems to so desperately hope.

  • David Dust

    What a miserable and vile fucking cunt she is.

  • Mike

    I left Ms Gallagher a comment on her blog-I told her that Schadenfreude is most uncharitable & certainly not a family nor a Christian value.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    @unclemike: Yeah, and just remember, she is the original anti-Feminist from the 1980s who believes that women should be barefoot, pregnant, and sitting at home to wait on her husband and children 24/7!

  • villager

    “That’s wrong. Politicians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families. ”

    If this fat bitch really thought it was true, NOM wouldn’t have robo-called all of MA for Scott Brown votes. What a hypocritical piece of shit.

  • AlwaysGay

    Maggie was for heterosexual-only marriage way before the mayor of San Diego was even elected. She is using his personal experiences as an excuse as to why she is a heterosexual-only/ anti-gay marriage supporter.

  • $0.02

    Why is this woman so obsessed with us? Is it because we’re fabulous? I know you are just crazy about us MAggie to the point that you want to be us but our wonderfulness is just not for everyone…sorry doll…

  • schlukitz

    I have one word for Maggot.


  • Peter

    My guess is that she does what she is doing; simply MONEY — same reason most ANTI-GAY preachers do it. This way she can travel with every thing paid, and not have to stay home and be around her loving husband.

  • schlukitz

    Good point, Peter.

    Beats just sitting around the house and watching Oprah and thed soaps too. ;P

  • Wen

    I figured her out, this woman is a sociopath, seriously. Ofcourse that isnt a difficult conclusion to get to, but if she can say Mr Sanders used his daughter as an excuse, assuming she watched his video and his emotion and read his testimony, to then be able to say the stuff she does, then youre dealing with someone without a conscience nor empathy, which are both hallmarks of sociopathic/Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

  • chadnnocal

    Oh please this cow bitching and moaning about the sanctity of marriage is a joke!!! She was knocked up before she was married and no man wants to crawl between those massive thighs.

  • stevenelliot

    gluttony is a sin………….

  • 1EqualityUSA

    #8…Your sign on name is really clever. I love it.

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