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Magic Mike Inspires A “Chocolate” Makeover And We’ve Got Some Ideas For The Cast

We all loved Magic Mike, but if that movie didn’t have enough color in it for you, well you should plan to grab a ticket to Chocolate City.

Deadline reports that “urban male stripper pic” Chocolate City (which will probably be known in perpetuity as “the Black Magic Mike“) is a go and will begin filming in Los Angeles in June.  The movie follows struggling college student Devin, who links up with the owner of a male strip club and, well, you know the rest.

Here’s a look at the first two confirmed cast members as well as three more ideas to round out the cast.  Chocolate City filmmakers, you can thank us later. Hopefully with a ticket to the premiere and a private show with the cast.




Confirmed: Michael Jai White

The uber DILF-Y 47-year-old Jai White will play the owner of the strip club who gets little Devin a bit more comfortable with paying his tuition bill in sweaty singles, and we know that Jai White has plenty of moves he’s dying to get out. The actor is also a martial artist, and has a career in the types of sweaty, shirtless action flicks that we’re sure have been coming out vehicles for many a questioning ‘mo. The only question is that if he’s playing the McConaghuey role, will there be a vaguely homoerotic scene where he teaches the fresh meat some new moves?  Inquiring minds are dying to know.


Confirmed: Tyson Beckford

Yes, Tyson Beckford is still a supermodel. Yes, Tyson Beckford has definitely still got it. In Chocolate City Beckford will play Adrian, the strip club’s former golden boy who starts to lose his popularity as Devin steals the spotlight. This all definitely seems inspired by All About Eve, but so do a surprisingly high amount of stripper movies. This photo isn’t leaked from a costume fitting for the flick, rather it’s from an actual photoshoot from somewhere that happened to require a leather thong. Let’s hope that he’s wearing even less when he hits the stage.


Queerty’s Pick: Jussie Smollett 

Caramel-colored cutie Jussie Smollett has made no public statement either way about his sexual orientation, but he’s no stranger to at least playing gay. He was the lead in Noah’s Arc creator Patrik Ian-Polk’s 2012 feature The Skinny and has a role as a gay musician in a musical family in FOX’s upcoming drama Empire.

We think he’d have the right balance of naiveté and bold ambition to play a college student who twerks it for tips, and from looking at that photo above (and the many, many, many partially clothed shots in The Skinny) he’s definitely got the body for it. We can imagine him somewhere furiously doing pushups in anticipation for the call. Queerty’s rooting for ya, kid.


Queerty’s Pick: Drake

Chocolate City may be a pretty good way for Wheelchair Jimmy to transition back into acting, and if you follow his Instagram you know that Drizzy has definitely been working on his fitness. Though he may need a ton of makeup to cover up that Aaliyah tattoo (unless they can generate a compelling backstory for it) we could definitely see him grinding it out next to the likes of Beckford and Smollett.

He’s been rapping for a while, and he already knows how to work a stage, so the pole is the next logical choice, right? We can imagine Drake doing one of his little emo rap songs for the soundtrack which plays while Tyson Beckford does some kind of “stripper’s last dance” as a single tear rolls down his cheek. That, my friends, is the stuff Oscars are made of.


Queerty’s Pick: Mechad Brooks

Mechad Brooks had been hiding out on USA’s Necessary Roughness for a few years after airing out his cakes around Bon Temps during that weird season of True Blood where some being made everyone zombie nymphos (or something), but now that Necessary Roughness has been canceled, homeboy needs a new job.

We think it should something that showcases his acting and ab-flexing skills at the same time, and boy have we got the project for him. Looking at that photo, we can think of eight reasons why he’d be a great fit for the lineup at Chocolate City, so we hope that we can see him in something even skimpier than those Calvins. Yes, Mechad, we want to see your d*ck.

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  • Mezaien

    When it`s come to dark Chocolate, I am the biggest sucker in the world. WOW black men are way hotter then white one.

  • Tackle

    @Mezaien: It’s cool that you like Black men. But the comparison in terms of hotness to another group was unnecessary. In terms of this pic “Chocolate City”, couldn’t they have come up with something a little more original than a second rate rip-off of “Magic Mike?”

  • Ihadtosayit

    @Tackle: Hey Magic Mike proved to be a box office hit, grossing $113,721,571 and $53,500,000 outside North America with a total gross of $167,221,571 worldwide from a modest $7 million budget; so there are bound to be imitations

  • B Damion

    Look, I’d be the first to tell you that I love black men and the sex with a black man is like no other. However, I have been with some white guys and latinos that have left me weak in the knees.

    So although the old me wants to agree with you…Mezaien,I can’t honestly say that I agree. The color of ones skin or ethnicity has nothing to do with amazing sex. lol..


  • Aromaeus

    @Tackle: Considering white men and european beauty standards as a whole have been the bar to which all others are measured, I think it’s okay for someone to go against the grain. It needs to be done more often. The truth is white men are always being glorified as being the best looking out of all races and black men being a very very distant last. There are countries where the majority is non-white that sell bleaching products more than countries with a dominant white population. white supremacy in the way of beauty is a global phenomenon, one I’d love to see dismantled.

  • KiraNerysRules

    Frankly, I don’t care what a guy’s skin color happens to be. For me, hotness has no color boundaries. There are awesomely attractive guys of all races. Hmm. I will be seeing this movie and the next “Magic Mike,” even though both will have terrible acting and flimsy storylines. If Hollywood decides to put some sexy Latino guys in a stripper movie, Hollywood can have my money. If Hollywood puts some smoldering Middle Eastern guys in a movie, Hollywood can have my money. I will give Hollywood my money for a movie with hot, Irish gingers. You get my point. Hot men are hot. Period. ^_^

  • Tony Johnston

    @Mezaien: Preach! The Snow H0e Committee can have a stadium full of seats if they don’t like it. The confirmed actors are hot, but the Queerty picks are awful. I’d like to see Tyler Lepley, Robert Christopher Riley and Keston Karter…and hopefully some gratuitous frontal.

  • maxdadmark

    Unless we get to see the goods, I will be as dismissive of this film as I was of Magic Mike. What else is the real purpose, anyway?

  • Ihadtosayit

    @maxdadmark: Hmmm…entertainment, cheap entertainment (especially if you catch the bargain show) with half-naked men…nothing more and I can live with it….I am not looking for this movie to address the problems in Syria or even how to get clean drinking water to others…

  • DarkZephyr

    This movie will probably be just as unrealistically hetero-normative as Magic Mike.

    @Mezaien: Way to be a r*cist.

    @B Damion: Thanks for that B Damion. :)

  • DarkZephyr

    @Tony Johnston: What exactly is “The Snow H0e Committee”?

  • Pax

    @Aromaeus: “The truth is white men are always being glorified as being the best looking out of all races and black men being a very very distant last.”

    Which decade are you still living in? The 50s?

  • Godabed

    @Pax: check 2014 oh the maxim list of sexist people how many people of color made the top five? hmmmm I’ll wait.

    People’s sexiest man alive started in 1985, Denzel claimed this titled being the first African American/minority in 2001, and I believe he’s the only minority to ever hold this title. Talk about value of skin color as far as beauty is concerned there has been a push in the fashion world in general due to lack of people of color and substituting people of color with a token Asian model. These instances are well documented, Especially in the open letter to the Fashion Industry that went out last year, by several former supermodels of color, and Even Tyson Beckford himself commented on the racism in the industry in his Huffpostlive interview which you could go and watch for yourself.

    Fashion and Magazines go hand and hand, with media perception, which is predominately white. Now let’s be specific to gay culture and it gets far worst. The only time i really see more than one person of color in any gay Ad is if it’s for HIV screening, what kind of message is that sending? There is a very well known stigma of negativity already with being people of color whom are darker complexion and even more so with having HIV in the gay community. Which give the distinct message that either African American don’t really exist at all in their advertising, or there is a token, or we are always shown in a negative lights.

    I really hope you were being sarcastic Pax, because ignorance and colorblindness is simply dangerous. Get yourself informed place and join the rest of us in the real world.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Godabed: What you say is the truth and this prejudice against men of color exists among many men of color as well. Before I became engaged I can’t tell you HOW many profiles for black men that I saw that said “Whites and Latinos only, I don’t want the drama that comes from dating another black man”. Those are not MY words. I saw that quite or one very much like it over and over and over. Personally I think black men are beautiful. All men of all colors are beautiful to me. I don’t like when people say “race X is so much sexier than race Y”.

  • zaneymcbanes

    It’s 2014, are we still comparing people’s skin color to food?

  • Tackle

    @Aromaeus: I hear what you are saying, and agree with a lot of what you wrote. And if anyone wants to uplift, compliment, admire and acknowledge the beauty of Black men, that’s great and that’s a positive. But that gets taken away somewhat, and becomes a bit of a negative when you start to compare, and out of that comparing, results in a put down of another. Regardless of the past history, and state that we are in now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    Kinda like an on-line profile: where it’s best to keep the focus on what you want and like as opposed to what you don’t. So if one likes Black men, it’s best to keep the focus on them and only them.

  • DarkZephyr

    @zaneymcbanes: That and precipitation. “Snow Hoes” for instance.

  • Godabed

    @DarkZephyr: People are bombarded by imagery that constantly tells them that being darker is negative, so it stands to reason that a lot of people of color will feed into that. It why you also see more white looking Latinos then darker skinned ones which look more African descent, this isn’t exclusive to the USA or North American it is all over the world. Dark skinned people carry a negative connotation with them.

    If people simply accepted the very long standing fact that RACE does not exist in human beings, and we literally are all one race we could get past at least the stupidity perpetuated by a group of people against another group of people over the pigment of our skin.

    I really thought I would be more accepted in the gay community than in the straight one and it actually hurt more to find out that it’s even worst, maybe because this particular subculture is smaller but the exclusion just seemed more biting. For the record i don’t look at anyone’s color when deciding a mate, just criminal record, humor, and personality is the only things that really matter. Everything else is extra.

  • Tony Johnston

    How did y’all manage to turn a thread about a movie based on hot black strippers (in which the 1st comment started off claiming he’s more attracted to black guys) into a woe-is-me race pity party? How sad. lol

  • DarkZephyr

    @Godabed: Well, that imagery hasn’t affected how I feel about it. I base my attractions on criteria very much like your own. And a ripped hunk is a ripped hunk regardless of skin color. If this upcoming film is not yet another exercise in hetero-normacy like Magic Mike, I will enjoy it quite a lot. I’m sorry you have experienced the stinging hurt that you have experienced. The gay community is particularly harsh in many respects when it comes to aesthetics. And this is deeply unfortunate. But it is evident any time any attractive male is posted here at Queerty. You will always get the a-holes saying crap about him being too smooth, too hairy, not a big enough bulge, too feminine, too manscaped, not manscaped enough, the wrong color, etc. I don’t get WHY gay men feel the need to comment with hostile snark about men who aren’t their type. Not everyone will be to everyone’s taste. But for some gay men, hateful snark seems to be a religion.

    @Tony Johnston: Blame st*pid ass*d Mezaien. He is the mor*n who had to turn this into an issue about race when it most certainly didn’t have to be. Of course when you encouraged him with your “preach” and “Snow H0e” remark, matters were NOT helped.

  • enlightenone

    @Aromaeus: Spoken like a man of class and intelligence!

  • enlightenone

    @Godabed: Thanks for the research to back up the truth. The reality is there is a natural diversity in hues of human beings. Given that hot and sexy is more than hue, except for aesthetic preferences which I don’t limit myself. Though I will say a dark, brown hue on a man with nice facial features is stunning and muscle definition is most prominent on darker skin, a skin that ages well. Black don’t crack with good clean grooming throughout the lifespan!

  • Lvng1tor

    I’m like the U.N. you wanna play by the rules (mostly…hehehe)then join in. All this bu11Sh!t fighting over who is hotter blah blah blah really needs a reality check. It’s all a matter of personal preference in the end and again we judge judge judge other peoples choices cause only we know the truth blah blah blah
    As for the movie. I won’t be seeing it. They are gonna show all the good parts online before the movie premiers. Then the movie is just gonna be a ton of well lit hot greased up men hitting on equally hot women in stupid situations. Face it both this movie and Magic Mike are male versions of Showgirls…
    On another more serious side note. You shouldn’t complain about how one race restricts, puts down another, is better than another, is more [email protected]!st than another and then make up [email protected]!st names for people of another race. Debates on such important topics should have the goal of educating. Like in a class room not a playground.

    Seriously….I can write “Faggot” but not “[email protected]!st” and my comment gets flagged!

  • WuzUpYall

    Black guys “look” sexy, but the reality is they tend to have a “smell” that is unpleasant and usually have gross feet.

  • elijah snow

    Chocolate? To describe black men? Wow, Queerty, you really outdid your racism this time. Geez.

  • Ihadtosayit

    @elijah snow: That is the name of the movie…Queerty did not make up the name…this is when reading before posting is essential…

  • masc4masc

    the hottest chocolate for me is Austin Wilde. they should cast at least one adult performer to up the sleaze factor a bit. just a small role, more dancing than acting.

  • wagnerwallace

    @WuzUpYall: maybe the ones you meet in your trailer park…

  • sejjo

    @WuzUpYall: You hang around in the wrong places then. There are also places where you find white men just like that.

    I feel dumber for having read your idiotic comment. I’m going to bless myself now and read a book on Quantum Physics in an effort to regain my lost IQ points.

  • Kangol


    Well said. I just hope this is not a Magic Mike retread and that Tyler Perry isn’t directing it, which will mean a homophobic, moralistic subtext. Otherwise, anything with Michael Jai White and Tyson Beckford in scant clothing is a winner!

  • Sebizzar

    *sigh* If only we really were equal. It’s sad to have racial comparisons/competitions at this day and age. Call me a hippie or what have you, but I really wish there were always an equal amount of races in the world.

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