Chocolate Drops

Magic Mike Inspires A “Chocolate” Makeover And We’ve Got Some Ideas For The Cast

We all loved Magic Mike, but if that movie didn’t have enough color in it for you, well you should plan to grab a ticket to Chocolate City.

Deadline reports that “urban male stripper pic” Chocolate City (which will probably be known in perpetuity as “the Black Magic Mike“) is a go and will begin filming in Los Angeles in June.  The movie follows struggling college student Devin, who links up with the owner of a male strip club and, well, you know the rest.

Here’s a look at the first two confirmed cast members as well as three more ideas to round out the cast.  Chocolate City filmmakers, you can thank us later. Hopefully with a ticket to the premiere and a private show with the cast.




Confirmed: Michael Jai White

The uber DILF-Y 47-year-old Jai White will play the owner of the strip club who gets little Devin a bit more comfortable with paying his tuition bill in sweaty singles, and we know that Jai White has plenty of moves he’s dying to get out. The actor is also a martial artist, and has a career in the types of sweaty, shirtless action flicks that we’re sure have been coming out vehicles for many a questioning ‘mo. The only question is that if he’s playing the McConaghuey role, will there be a vaguely homoerotic scene where he teaches the fresh meat some new moves?  Inquiring minds are dying to know.


Confirmed: Tyson Beckford

Yes, Tyson Beckford is still a supermodel. Yes, Tyson Beckford has definitely still got it. In Chocolate City Beckford will play Adrian, the strip club’s former golden boy who starts to lose his popularity as Devin steals the spotlight. This all definitely seems inspired by All About Eve, but so do a surprisingly high amount of stripper movies. This photo isn’t leaked from a costume fitting for the flick, rather it’s from an actual photoshoot from somewhere that happened to require a leather thong. Let’s hope that he’s wearing even less when he hits the stage.


Queerty’s Pick: Jussie Smollett 

Caramel-colored cutie Jussie Smollett has made no public statement either way about his sexual orientation, but he’s no stranger to at least playing gay. He was the lead in Noah’s Arc creator Patrik Ian-Polk’s 2012 feature The Skinny and has a role as a gay musician in a musical family in FOX’s upcoming drama Empire.

We think he’d have the right balance of naiveté and bold ambition to play a college student who twerks it for tips, and from looking at that photo above (and the many, many, many partially clothed shots in The Skinny) he’s definitely got the body for it. We can imagine him somewhere furiously doing pushups in anticipation for the call. Queerty’s rooting for ya, kid.


Queerty’s Pick: Drake

Chocolate City may be a pretty good way for Wheelchair Jimmy to transition back into acting, and if you follow his Instagram you know that Drizzy has definitely been working on his fitness. Though he may need a ton of makeup to cover up that Aaliyah tattoo (unless they can generate a compelling backstory for it) we could definitely see him grinding it out next to the likes of Beckford and Smollett.

He’s been rapping for a while, and he already knows how to work a stage, so the pole is the next logical choice, right? We can imagine Drake doing one of his little emo rap songs for the soundtrack which plays while Tyson Beckford does some kind of “stripper’s last dance” as a single tear rolls down his cheek. That, my friends, is the stuff Oscars are made of.


Queerty’s Pick: Mechad Brooks

Mechad Brooks had been hiding out on USA’s Necessary Roughness for a few years after airing out his cakes around Bon Temps during that weird season of True Blood where some being made everyone zombie nymphos (or something), but now that Necessary Roughness has been canceled, homeboy needs a new job.

We think it should something that showcases his acting and ab-flexing skills at the same time, and boy have we got the project for him. Looking at that photo, we can think of eight reasons why he’d be a great fit for the lineup at Chocolate City, so we hope that we can see him in something even skimpier than those Calvins. Yes, Mechad, we want to see your d*ck.