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  • DavyJones

    I laughed…

    It’s funny, and like it or not, it’ll strike a cord with lots of dads; which is the point of advertising

  • Bubba

    I don’t dislike this ad because I “take offense” (I don’t take offense, and the joke itself is indeed kinda funny), I dislike it because it’s needlessly confusing. Why is there such a big floor plan? I agree with the CopyRanter post that this ad made me “work” to find the punchline.

  • Kent M

    The kitchen has inadequate counter space. And why does the maid’s quarters have that long hall that servers no purpose? What heterosexual designed this apartment?

  • Seandee

    I just have never heard of this stuff before.

  • Hillers

    As a certified cocktail enthusiast, it pains me to have to blacklist any libation unless it outright sucks. Unfortunately, the poor form of this ad knocks Cachaça Magnífica to all other bottom shelf booze in my book.

    Note to Agencia 3: The gays enjoy a good drink. Gay bars, clubs, disposable income, all of that. Take a note from Absolut’s ad book.

  • EdWoody

    @Kent M: Is that what it is – maid’s quarters? I was wondering why the spare bedroom was off the kitchen.

  • Jeffree

    Cachaça is the base of one of my favorite beverages: the caipirinha. Make a pitcher of those, put some Jobim or Gilberto for background music & you got yerself a real romantic party with the one(s) you love, or like, depending on the day !

    As for the ad, maybe something got lost in the translation?

  • Jasun

    Wow. Here was me thinking that vaguely homophobic Brokeback Mountain jokes were over once Leno got the axe.

    Now not only is Leno back, so are the vaguely homophobic Brokeback Mountain jokes.

    If people start wearing Crocs again, I’m moving to Tibet.

  • jassmith

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  • fredo777

    hahaha I thought it was pretty hilarious, despite the Brokeback reference (which I think are outdated, generally).

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