Maine Allows Gay Adoptions!

Maine’s ‘mos celebrated today after the state’s high court ruled that gays have the right to adopt guppies. The case began back in 2001 when two children were taken from their parents and handed over to a lesbian couple, attorney Ann Courtney and Marilyn Kirby, a counselor.

The ladies loved the kids so much, they filed adoption papers. A court refused their request, a refusal the women appealed. After months of battle, the a judge ruled today that it’s in all childrens’ best interest to grant queer couples adoption rights:

A joint adoption assures that in the event of either adoptive parent’s death, the children’s continued relationship with the surviving parent is fixed and certain.

A joint adoption also enables the children to be eligible for a variety of public and private benefits… Most importantly, a joint adoption affords the adopted children the love, nurturing, and support of not one, but two parents.

It also means the kids get twice the adults to resent during their teenage years. Hooray!