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Maine Is Running Out of Ballots. Because of You Homos!


So many Maine residents plan to be out of town during November’s election that they’re requesting absentee ballots. Too many of them, in fact. “Elections officials told News 8 the requests for absentee ballots have broken all records and that their offices are insanely busy. Elections officials in Portland have already run out of ballots.” Who’s to blame? The gays, of course! Supporters of “No On 1” have been going door-to-door to ask residents if they want to register for an absentee ballot. You know, to lock in that YAY GAY MARRIAGE vote ahead of time. One political consultant expects half of all Maine votes will have been cast before Election Day. Which is surprising, because Gay Standard Time runs late.

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  • AlwaysGay

    Vote NO! Vote NOW! Bring your friends and family along too and have them note NO too. Then get other NO on Question 1 voters to the polls as well.

  • hyhybt

    How does getting people to use absentee ballots make them more likely to vote *the way you want them to*?

  • Ryan

    Its more about getting them to vote, period. Unless you’re gay or a religious nut, you probably don’t care much about this issue. However, you might very well be for marriage equality, but driving to the polls and standing in line is too much of a hassle. But if someone hands you a ballot, that’s a different story.

  • daftpunkydavid

    guys don’t assume all the demand comes from gay or pro-equality folks! you can bet the other side is canvassing just as much. remember california anyone?

  • The Gay Numbers

    You target the neighborhoods and areas of voters you know that are more likely to vote the way you want them to vote. In Virginia, in 2006, they used the technique to target NoVa because this was the area most likely to vote Democratic. I imagine the same strategy is partially at play here. Also, you want to bank as many votes as possible, so that the day of the election is about greater target GOTV. It really does work. It was one of the reasons No on 8 sucked.

  • Steve

    Two ways:
    1. When you get someone to use an absentee ballot, they cast their vote soon after you have talked with them. Your positions and their agreement with you are fresh.
    2. When you are talking with someone, and you get the impression that they are committed to the other side, you don’t ask them to vote. Indeed, you might even be able to convince them not to vote.

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