Maine Marriage Battle Starts to Boil


The inevitable backlash has begun over a bill introduced in Maine that would allow gay marriage in the state by overturning it’s DOMA law. Republicans are organizing a grassroots efforts to prevent the bill from passing. In other news, the sun rose in the East today.

The AP reports:

“The Maine Republican Project is opposing a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Dean Scontras of the Maine Republican Project said his group’s members were concerned about the timing of the bill.

“This will simply absorb valuable legislative cycles that should be dedicated toward repairing the economic situation of so many Mainers,” Scontras said.

Meanwhile, Republican state Rep. Les Fossel of Alna is sponsoring a bill to ensure that couples on Maine’s Domestic Partner Registry receive the same legal rights and benefits as married couples.

Fossel said that currently, married couples enjoy certain rights that are denied to unmarried couples in a variety of areas, including financial benefits.”