Maine Notaries Can’t Refuse To Marry Gay Couples

marriage-licenseIt’s rare we get good news from the National Organization for Marriage, but the anti-equality group’s blog has a pleasing update about same-sex marriage in Maine: Notaries public who officiate weddings can’t refuse to marry same-sex couples.

If they do, they could be subject to discrimination charges under the Maine Human Rights Act, according to an email from Cathy Beaudoin, who oversees the licensing of notaries for Maine’s Department of the Secretary of State:

“If you are a Notary Public who performs marriages and you refuse to perform a marriage for a couple due to a person’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, creed, age, ancestry or national origin, you may be subject to a claim of discrimination.’’ wrote Beaudoin. “The new law authorizing same-sex marriage does not provide any exemption from liability for Maine Notaries who refuse to perform marriages for same-sex couples.”

According to NOM, several Notaries resigned after Maine residents voted for marriage equality.

Oh dear, where will we ever find the highly-skilled experts needed to stamp a piece of paper? Maybe there’s a few trained monkeys with some free time on their paws.

Source: Bangor Daily News