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Maine, Washington, Kalamazoo … Houston? Lesbian Mayor Hopeful’s Big Day


Think Maine, Washington, and a Michigan city are the only races that need your attention today? Zoom in on Houston, where Annise Parker — a Hillary Clinton body double — is hoping to become the first openly lesbian mayor of America’s fourth-largest city. The Times reports she’s “in a close three-way race that many political professionals here say is one of the most unusual in the city’s history, not because it has been bitterly fought but because it has been relatively tame.” Parker, the sitting city controller, is facing off against two fellow Democrats: lawyer Gene Locke and architect Peter Brown. The Republican challenger Roy Morales has been “trailing badly,” which means conservative voters might be up for grabs today. Which might explain why Parker, who has been with her partner for 19 years and has two adopted children, isn’t planning on making gay waves. Asked whether she plans to promote a same-sex benefits measure, she said she has “no current plan to offer that for a referendum. … Personally it’s very important, but, as mayor of Houston, do I want to engage resources in fighting that battle, or do I want to tackle the budget? Do I want to tackle drainage? Do I want to try to put more police officers on the street? It’s the difference between the personal and what this city needs.”

From CNN yesterday: