Mainers United For Marriage Scores $100K Matching Funds From Facebook’s Chris Hughes

Efforts to bring same-sex marriage to the Pine Tree State got a boost recently as Mainers United for Marriage successfully reached their goal in a $100,000 matching donation challenge offered by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes (right) and his husband, Sean Eldridge.

The group crossed the $100,000 threshold on Thursday, one day before the  June 8 deadline.

“We’re happy with the result—It exceeded our expectations,” says Mainers United for Marriage’s David Farmer, who said more than 1,000 pitching in to hit the magic number, nearly half contributing for the first time.

In February, when marriage-equality supporters successfully garnered nearly 60,000 signatures to get the referendum put on the ballot. Residents will vote on the issue in November.

On the other side of the fence, the anti-marriage-equality group Protect Marriage Maine is launching a fundraising campaign in Maine churches beginning on Father’s Day. Currently, Mainers United has raised more than ten times the funds that Protect Marriage has. Hopefully that disparity will play out in the voting booth this fall.