Maine’s Anti-Gay Marriage Supporters Kindly Request You Stop Calling Them Bigots


There weren’t supposed to be any media at Sunday’s anti-gay marriage convention in Augusta, Maine. Ooops.

The reporters are CBS/WGME attended anyway, handicam in hand. Not much that you wouldn’t expect: The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins gave a history lesson; Maine’s Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Malone invoked god to defend his discrimination; and the 1,500 attendees clapped along.

Supposedly it was Perkins who didn’t want the media there — he wanted guests to feel safe, not persecuted … like the gay Mainers they’re going after.

At least that’s the story from Stand for Marriage Maine’s campaign director Marc Mutty, who’s already known for taking orders from better bigots than he.

But the most amusing part is the reasoning why Perkins & Co. wanted the doors closed to the press: Because they’re tired of everyone label marriage equality foes as “bigots.” Which they are. So continue doing so. Early and often.

Watch the full report here.