Maine’s Gay Marriage Opponents Set-Up Website

picture-15The moment we knew California was going to lose Proposition 8 was the moment we clicked on the No on 8 campaign’s unintentionally retro website. Consider it a word of caution to Maine marriage equality activists, since Round One of the web war goes to the homophobes, who have launched a site that Linda York, a member of the Maine Marriage Initiative crows, allows people “join social network groups, contact legislators, and become informed about the facts and myths associated with same-sex marriage.” Just how evil is the new site?

A: Pretty evil.

From the site:

“The Maine Legislature is currently considering legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

Proponents claim that it’s about basic fairness, and that same-sex couples are denied rights offered to heterosexual couples. But the truth is that Maine’s Domestic Partnership laws already confer many of the rights offered to heterosexual couples to same-sex couples. And changing the definition of marriage won’t help create other rights, which are controlled by the federal government. Learn the facts – and the fiction – about same sex marriage by clicking here.

Perhaps you think that changing the law won’t negatively impact your life, your family. But history elsewhere shows that changing the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples has very real, and very negative, consequences.”

Click on the link and you get a list of those consequences: Churches pulling out from adoption, parents arrested for opposing their children’s indoctrination into the gay lifestyle, photographers forced to shoot gay wedding and a whole host of other terrifying bogeymen.

But the best (read: most creeptacular) portion of the site is the ‘Video Q & A’ where fake citizens ask questions about gay rights only to be told what’s what by a stern priest– standing in a church– where God lives!

And while it’s fun to poke holes in the site, it’s worth remembering that well-funded, deep content sites like this helped ban gay marriage in California.

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  • tavdy79

    Is it any surprise the family chosen look like they could have been poster-children for the Nazi eugenics program seventy years ago?

  • Aaron

    @tavdy79: I was thinking the same thing when I saw the photo.

  • SFBoi976


    Lol! Let’s put the gays in concentration camps while we’re at it. That seems to be the hallmark issue governing the right-wing and hate-crime enthusiasts who moan in orgasm at the thought of gays being put in gas chambers.

  • Jordan

    Kid looks like a twink to me.

  • JH

    the woman in the picture is

    a. demonic
    b. a Terminator robot
    c. heavily medicated
    d. a heavily-medicated, demonic Terminator robot

  • SFBoi976

    This is what fascism looks like. Take a good look at it.

    This “pro-family” agenda and stock pictures of families are all too familiar images. They always say things like “I’m not against homosexuality but I don’t think they should have rights.”

    Before you know it they will say things like

    “I have nothing against homosexuals but those who choose to act on it should be cleansed.” They already have these “ex-gay” camps where they torture minors and force-feed them right-wing propaganda to make them feel like they are part of some great Aryan Race.

  • getreal

    These people don’t have the facts on their side, they don’t have basic justice and fairness on their side. If you look back at all the different tactics they have used to discredit the gay community accusations of of immorality (gays are sex hungry and don’t form normal attachments so they are dangerous to the family) being one example they have been exposed as propoganda by gays and lesbians just living normal lives and raising families. The side of equality has the moral upper hand let’s not lose it by being hateful. All they have now is playing the christian card. There are plenty of christians out there (myself included) who are taking these idiots on (see story about 450 high school kids who confronted the so called “God hates f*gs” “people”) Since their new wave of propoganda is going to be calling LGBT people anti-christian let’s not play into their hands. All we have as a community is carry ourselves with grace. Let’s not be hateful back. The tide of public opinion is turning against them we can oppose them with out sinking to their level. We don’t have to because we are right they are just wrong and day by day year by year more and more people move away from their side to ours. Just my opinion.

  • Kit

    Well put, getreal.

  • Charley

    i live in maine.
    this makes me physically sick.

  • notice

    people who make this totally unfounded claims make me sick. Canada has had gay marriage for about four years now and our society has yet to collapse from these “consequences”. if you don’t like equal rights then maybe you shouldn’t live in a country that is SUPPOSED to be founded upon the separation of church and state and a constitution that gives equal rights to all citizens.

  • charlie

    these comments are racist themselves. those who throw stones…

  • Jack

    I think that we should join that websites mailing list. Kind of like knowing the enemy. Let’s get real, we keep losing and losing because our message is just not that strong. Maybe we could learn a thing or two.

  • getreal

    @charlie: I agree

  • renecito

    We all should join their site and talk about truth

  • getreal

    @renecito: Great idea

  • RainaWeather

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of nazi propaganda. Though this is comparable.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    This is copy and paste of a comment that you made on another thread:

    “For every hateful christian there are people who use their faith to promote love and acceptance.”

    Having made our peace with each other, I hasten to assure you that am not looking to be insulting or trying to provoke a fight or anything of that nature. Please be assured of that.

    However, when I see a headline like the one above, advising me that yet another Christian Right Group has been formed for the purpose of mounting yet another attack against LGBT civil-rights, in yet another state of the Union, I have to ask myself, why aren’t the people who use their faith to promote love and acceptance forming counter groups to fight them like the Episcopal Church has done?

    I do not have an accurate count at my disposal, but there has to be hundreds, if not thousands of similar organizations around the country who use the bible and religious justifications for denying a very large minority group from receiving it’s basic and fundamental human birth rights.

    And every single one of them is well-financed and exceedingly vocal about their dislike of the homosexual life life and the discrimination of homosexuals themselves. They tell us that they love us and only hate the sin, but they will not let us into their churches if we make our gayness known to them.

    So, my question is, where are the Christians who use their faith to promote love and acceptance.” Why are they so silent? Wy aren’t they putting their money were their mouths are as the haters are doing so gleefully? And why do we not hear from them as vocally as we do the haters? Their silence is as deafening as the silence of God on all matters of this nature, pro or con.

    If in fact, such Christians exist, and I am not saying that they do not, then why are we of the LGBT community fighting this battle alone? I am constantly tortured by that reality and I need answers to put aside my anger and hostility toward the religious people who have been attacking me for being what I am since my earliest consciousness as well as attacking and persecuting my brothers and sisters for thousands of years now while they cry that they are the ones being persecuted.

    I am sorry, but our faces are black and blue from turning the other cheek. It’s not working. And each time we turn the other cheek, they smack even harder because they feel emboldened by our passivity and desire to live peacefully with our fellow man.

    In fact, these hateful types perceive it as a weakness and go for the jugular. No matter how much forgiveness, tolerance and understanding we offer, they are never going to call a truce with us. That’s very evident by their very actions.

    There is a dichotomy here, that I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    And what might that truth be?

    Inquiring minds need to know.

  • getreal

    @Charles J. Mueller: I can only do my part by treating others with love and respect and fighting against injustice.I know a lot of christians who feel the same. I can’t be expected to control what other misguided christians do. It does not advance this dialog to expect me to atone for sins that are not mine. Judging all christian by these fruitcakes makes about as much sense as judging caucasians by Jeffrey Dahmer. It is not fair to judge a diverse group of people by the most extreme of their number.

  • getreal

    My face is black and blue from being attacked for being a Christian and i continue to turn the other cheek. It is too imprecise to judge so many people but the actions of some and I have read you comments on precision. If we expect tolerance from others it starts with us. I try to be tolerant and just educate people who feel that all christians are bad but it gets tiring to be expected to answer for the sins of people I will never meet and things that happened hundreds of years before I was born.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Of couse not. No one could rightfully expect you to control what other misguided Christians do, nor can anyone possibly expect you to atone for sins that are not yours. That just makes no sense whatsoever.

    Treating others with love and respect and fighting against injustice is all any of us can do and I am glad to know that you are both loving and tolerant. If more people were like you, this whole thing would be a non-issue. I just find it very depressing that there seems to be so many of them and so few of us.

    As for the sins of people I will never meet and things that happened hundreds of years before I was born, there isn’t much that can be done about it and I would be perfectly willing to forgive and forget and turn over a new leaf.

    Unfortunately, the Church does not seem willing to do that and continues with it’s agenda of bigotry, hatred and discrimination and that is something I cannot bring myself to forgive them for. It’s a continuation of something that is very wrong and no amount of justification on their behalf can ever make it right.

    So, I guess that leaves me with no choice but to meet these people head on, stand up for my rights and tell them to get off my blue suede shoes because these people are never going to allow me to marry my Philippine partner of six years, much less have him here by my side as a family unless I fight for that right. The same holds true for the some 40,000 bi-national relationships as well.

    History has proven to us that some things just never change.

    The Church was on the wrong side of slavery.

    The Church was on the wrong side of women’s suffrage.

    The Church was on the wrong wide of black civil rights.

    And it is very obvious that the Church is, once again, on the wrong side of gay civil-rights.

    Fortunately, they lost the first three battles. With any degree of luck, they will lose this one as well and there will be a great gnashing of teeth.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Japhy, we need to set-up a similar site that is pro gay marriage to counter these people.

    The logo at the bottom of the picture of two same-sex partners and a child should read….


  • dgz

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    ugh, here i go again. but while you have a valid point, i would take some issue with your definition of “The Church” as one monolithic, all-encompassing Christian entity, and with some of your historical examples. for example: slavery. the abolitionist movement had a massive ecclesiastical component. and as for civil rights, THE REV martin luther king, jr. would likely disagree. but you’re right, many Christians have some problems they need to work out. but let’s not pigeonwhole everyone.

    as for “fighting this battle alone,” keep in mind that almost half of cali voted against prop 8, and i don’t think half of cali is gay. and gay-friendly congregations obviously chose not to violate political rules (unlike the Mormons, allegedly) and chose to campaign and/or contribute privately. no, not all the dollars raised in the defense were gay dolloars.

    so, let’s try to keep this site a safe space for LGBTs — even if they happen to be religious.

  • getreal

    @dgz: What an even handed and kind post. I wish I could cut and paste that every time someone decides christian LGBT people don’t belong on this site (unfortunately it happens a lot). Thanks

  • Charles J. Mueller


    “so, let’s try to keep this site a safe space for LGBTs — even if they happen to be religious.”

    You’re preaching to the choir. I am all for that and totally in support of of that concept. Always have been. Always will be.

    That said, now, would you kindly deliver that same message to Linda York, member of the Maine Marriage Initiative as well? I think that she and her flock need to hear it more than I do.

    How about we turn that thought around and say “so, let’s try to keep this site a safe space for LGBT’s – even if they happen to be Atheist, Agnostic or just non-religious.” That’s only fair, is it not?

    Ah, silly me. Linda has that base covered too.

    “It’s not about fairness. It’s about doing what’s right.”

    Whoa!!! Fairnss is now wrong? And whose litmus test does the definition of “what’s right” now have to pass? Unfuckingbelievable. Talk about twisting words?

    According to that reasoning, I can now beat the crap out of you, with impunity, regardless if it is fair or not, simply because I believe that the truth is that every faggot should have the crap beaten out of them…maybe even killed for Christ? Has total insanity taken over the planet? This is the message of believers in god’s word?

    It gets better as you read on….

    “The objection(s) to same-sex marriage are based not only on religious tenets but also human reason and the good of society at large.”

    Lie number one: “Traditional marriage has existed for thousands of years.”

    As defined by the church, “Traditional Marraige” is one performed by the church. While marriage has, indeed, existed sine Roman and Greek times, the church did not get involved with “marriage” until the seventh century. I wish someone in the church would look that one up the next time they use that as a “traditional” argument (read lie). It is without basis.

    Lie number two: “But the truth is that Maine’s Domestic Partnership laws already confer many of the rights offered to heterosexual couples to same-sex couples.”

    Nay, nay, Pauline. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. For starters, it still does not confer the some 1200 federal benefits to which heterosexual couples are entitles, but which are denied to same-sex couples, despite the fact that they pay the same taxes (and often more_ due to the fact that their partnerships are not recognized by the Federal Government. Additionally, some 40,000 bi-national partners, including myself, are barred from bringing their partners into the US because of the denying of equal marriage rights and unfair Immigration Rules and Regulations that discriminate against members of the LGBT community.

    Lie number three: “Perhaps you think that changing the law won’t negatively impact your life, your family. But history elsewhere shows that changing the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples has very real, and very negative, consequences.” “The benefits to society don’t exist. And the consequences can be severe.”

    Oh really now? What a blanketing, encompassing, the sky is falling statement to be making without a shred of evidence to back it up? Of the some nineteen countries who have legalized same-sex marriage, which one of them has collapsed as a result? Which of those countries have become a total anarchy as a result of same-sex marriage. Show me. Puleeeze. Show me. I am from Missouri. Unfounded, loaded statements like that are nothing more than blatant lies, scare tactics and stink bombs that people from the religious right are so fond of tossing over the fence at every opportunity.

    I am NOT the enemy here and I am NOT the one trying to take away your civil-rights, deny you your freedom to worship as you please or love who you want. People like Lina are your real enemy and you should be honing your arrow tips and sword edges and going after people like her, instead of constantly getting on the case of concerned LGBT like myself, who are trying not only to save what few rights we still have left, but to obtain those rights that will also benefit you as well. She gets a pass, under the name of “tolerance” while I get the water-hose turned on me by many of the posters on these thread, simply for defending myself as a gay man?

    So, instead of preaching at me, how about you dip those tolerant pens quills in some ink and start telling people like Linda that she needs to learn some tolerance too.

    Tolerance should be a two-way street, not a one-way street. What part of that word does Linda not understand?

    Just saying….

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Charles J. Mueller: I seriously doubt any gay christians on this site are doing anything to take your rights away and as an atheist I’m sick of you acting as a spokesperson for those of us who believe in ourselves and don’t need religion. Stop pontificating to the choir everyone here is on the same side why don’t you go posts these novels on an anti-gay or right wing website where you might actually change minds. Why not go pick on our enemies instead of going after your own kind. You know christians are the minority here that is why you pick on them. Picking on minorities just because you can get away with it is wrong. In a way the way you go after christians here where they are few is the same way the religious right goes after us because we are a minority.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Well, we’ve heard from yet another self-loathing gay person.

    Simon Fanshawe, meet Linda York.

    Linda York, meet Simon Fanshawe.

    You two should have lots to talk (dish) about.

    Looks like Linda York has lots of support, from the turn-coat homosexual community as well as the Xstain heterosexuals.

  • Steve

    @tavdy79: Thats a very racial comment!

  • Steve

    @Jordan: I bet you are a twink Jordan, or maybe even worse! A twink who likes _______!

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