Maine’s Gay Marriage Opponents Set-Up Website

picture-15The moment we knew California was going to lose Proposition 8 was the moment we clicked on the No on 8 campaign’s unintentionally retro website. Consider it a word of caution to Maine marriage equality activists, since Round One of the web war goes to the homophobes, who have launched a site that Linda York, a member of the Maine Marriage Initiative crows, allows people “join social network groups, contact legislators, and become informed about the facts and myths associated with same-sex marriage.” Just how evil is the new site?

A: Pretty evil.

From the site:

“The Maine Legislature is currently considering legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

Proponents claim that it’s about basic fairness, and that same-sex couples are denied rights offered to heterosexual couples. But the truth is that Maine’s Domestic Partnership laws already confer many of the rights offered to heterosexual couples to same-sex couples. And changing the definition of marriage won’t help create other rights, which are controlled by the federal government. Learn the facts – and the fiction – about same sex marriage by clicking here.

Perhaps you think that changing the law won’t negatively impact your life, your family. But history elsewhere shows that changing the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples has very real, and very negative, consequences.”

Click on the link and you get a list of those consequences: Churches pulling out from adoption, parents arrested for opposing their children’s indoctrination into the gay lifestyle, photographers forced to shoot gay wedding and a whole host of other terrifying bogeymen.

But the best (read: most creeptacular) portion of the site is the ‘Video Q & A’ where fake citizens ask questions about gay rights only to be told what’s what by a stern priest– standing in a church– where God lives!

And while it’s fun to poke holes in the site, it’s worth remembering that well-funded, deep content sites like this helped ban gay marriage in California.