Spoiler Alert

A major ‘Sex and the City’ character is getting killed off. Guess who?

SEX AND THE CITY 2, from left: Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, 2010. ph: Craig Blankenhorn/©Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection

Attention Sex and the City fans: Read no further if you do not want to know the identity of one of the show’s major characters said to kick the bucket in the new series spinoff.

And Just Like That, currently filming in New York, picks up with three of the four leading ladies of Sex and the City–Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristen Davis) going about their lives some 10 years after we last saw them. Now, The Daily Mail reports that the pilot for the new series will eliminate a major character from the show, and that much of the ensuing show will deal with the aftermath.

Actress Kim Cattrall refused to reprise her role as the libidinous Samantha for the new show (or a third movie, the idea for which served as a partial basis for the new series), though sources for The Daily Mail insist that the producers have refused to kill Samantha off-screen. That should come as good news for fans of the character, as she potentially could return in future seasons.

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Now a source close to the production spills on the major character who bites the dust.

“This is all top secret at the moment, because production has just started, but in the first episode fans will be served up a jaw-dropping storyline where one of the major names on the show will die,” the source revealed. “Those in the know are calling it a ‘big death’, which obviously has everyone leaping to the conclusion that Mr. Big will be no more.”

For those that don’t recall, Carrie had an on-again/off-again romance with the lothario Mr. Big (Chris Noth) throughout the original series. The pair married in the Sex and the City movie. Noth has also been confirmed to return to the new show. So why kill Mr. Big off now?

The producers for the show–including Sarah Jessica Parker–have designed the death in hopes to “shake up audiences from the get-go to make them realize this is a different paced show from the previous one, where anything can happen and anyone can go… just like life.”

So is it all true? Is this the end of Carrie and Mr. Big? Time will tell. And Just Like That is scheduled to debut on HBO next year.