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Majority of Californians Might Support Gay Marriage, But Ethnic Minorities Still Don’t!

Some 51 percent of Californians responding to a Field Poll indicated they supported same-sex marriage, but as soon as you start digging deeper into the data you realize we’re not yet in a world of rainbows and cartwheels.

“It’s been known for some time that Asian Americans are the ethnic group most opposed to gay marriage in California, but the new poll marks the first time that subsets of Asians have been singled out and asked what they think about it,” relays Peter Jamison. “The results: Koreans as a group are the most anti-gay marriage. And it isn’t even close. The new Field Poll reveals that Korean Americans disapprove of same-sex marriage by a margin of 70 to 25 percent. They were followed in their dislike of same-sex couples by Vietnamese Americans (64 percent disapproval) and Chinese Americans (54 percent disapprove.) African Americans disapprove of gay marriage by a margin of 49 to 38 percent, the poll finds, while Latinos support same-sex marriage by a margin of 50 to 41. About 53 percent of whites support same-sex marriage, with 39 percent opposed.”

Oh good, because I was wondering which ethnic group everyone would blame when 2012’s ballot measure to repeal Prop 8 fails!