Make Sparkling Hill Resort Your Year-Round Vacation Destination

8RRVbTb72Xjr6Cb65MQ-JMg9tPtPIeL9tvCPncDXJHE,6SOtdEQcHhrMgWvyNdPoRO10U5Y-92p4SrIjLmSoYGs,WCkh-Uy6qOrjm_yiYy4_xTnmGeN6qq7Hl6MAiVQPUEc,sQ3PRsbD8HyqGVimslrMYnAWhvJ6O10VUehrN5Rl6yE,my4G9ktdQefk9gzQO6qVt5YfyQId9zjhkZ4vGTfxwKo,dWJxmiKsukVlfw71Ra5TrRmBz8mxulWinter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Our friends at Sparkling Hill Resort and KurSpa offer guests a premier four season destination, with luxurious accommodations and exclusive LGBT offers year-round.

Located hilltop overlooking the blue waters of Lake Okanagan, it offers amenities fit for a king (or queen), including views of the water and wilderness, Swarovski crystal fireplaces, soaking tubs, king-sized beds, and a state-of-the-art spa and healing center.

With over 180 nearby wineries and restaurants, spring and fall offers wine festivals, tastings, and other culinary delights.

Summers at Lake Okanagan are hot and dry. It’s an ideal time to visit if you’re looking for a place to relax, read a book or twelve, and work your tan.

And wintertime offers no shortage of outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

It certainly makes sense why this place was recently named the best mountaintop resort in the world.

Visit Sparkling Hill Resort and KurSpa’s website for more information on year-round vacation getaway packages, discounts, and other offers.