Make Your Gay Voice Heard

What do you get when you combine America’s anti-gay policies with its anti-immigrant attitudes? The three H’s; harassed, harangued and heartbroken.

Wayne and Ricardo

If an American het falls in love with a foreigner and they marry, the foreigner may become an American citizen. But if an American homosexual forms a loving relationship with a foreigner, Bush and his crowd will happily drop the search for Bin-Laden to wrench that foreign gay person out of the arms of his or her loved one.

In a recent case in New Mexico, a Canadian and his Argentine lover, Wayne Brown and Ricardo Espindola, were stopped by the police at a roadblock. A new Canadian program allows for a same-sex partner to sponsor their spouses; these two were in the midst of applying for that program. As the police were arresting the Argentine for having an expired visa, his Canadian mate pleaded with the pigs: “Please have some compassion. This is my family.” To no avail; the man was held in a jail cell for months before being deported.

Queerty urges you to write to elected officials, expressing profound concern about this aspect of disequality between heteros and gays in our allegedly democratic country. If you can include in your communications real-life stories of loving couples ripped apart by America’s vicious anti-gay laws, do so. Write to Hillary; tell her that if she can understand the importance of keeping people together, even in the face of Monica on her knees in the Oval Office, then surely she can understand the emotional needs of American gays with foreign partners.