From makeup to tucking, 19 queens share their fiercest drag tips


Now that drag has officially gone mainstream (hi RuPaul!), and gay bars around the world are packing the house for their weekly drag shows, we thought there was no better time than now to ask some of our favorite queens for their best drag tips.

Where once upon a time it was rare for someone to want to be a drag queen, it now seems like there’s a new queen on the scene every week, hoping to turn a look and make a career of it… well, honey, sorry to break it to you, but it take a lot more than looking good on Instagram to turn drag into a career.

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No matter if you’re new to the art of drag, you’re a queen who’s been around longer than Dame Edna, or you’re simply looking to walk through life with all the confidence of a queen, there’s always something you can learn from others that you might not have known before.

1. Miz Cracker (NYC)

Feeling disco for #turntwednesdays at @ritznewyork last night. #hairbycracker Photo by @katelynmay05

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“As a drag hostess, don’t try to be funny. Just tell people where they are, who you are, and what’s about to happen. You’re dressed like a clown. The funny is built in.”


2. Monar.x (NYC)

??Tragedy isn't new, but peace can be.?? A little makeup inspo from @luxuryc4rc4ss

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“Open up your mind to the possibilities of every material you use. Find a new way to wear something. Experiment and have fun!”


3. Trinity Taylor (Orlando, FL)

To get you started for the HalloQueen season! Thanks to @scottykirbyphoto ! Hair by @wigsandgrace costume by @troycford

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“Tucking Tip: use rubbing alcohol (even hairspray) to assure the area where your duct tape will be sticking to your skin has no oils/residue to create a more secure contact.”


4. Katy Baehm (Berlin, Germany)

“Be always nice and friendly to everyone… not every drag queen has to be shady or mean to be successful.”


5. Cynthia Lee Fontaine (Austin, TX)

“My secret beauty tip: to cover your beard and I learn this from my grandmother (RIP) before applying your foundation, put some red lipstick to blend the shadowing of your beard. That helps a lot!”


6. Hannah Conda (Perth, Australia)

Just being a night dreamer at @arq_sydney for Tokyho. Hair from @wigsbyvanity costumes by @mamashirl22

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“Drag is limited by your own imagination. Open your mind to the world around you to allow inspiration to spark.”


7. Charity Kase (London, UK)

“Have no limits! Push your imagination to the extreme and never be afraid to live your fantasy. If you wanna be a tree, go be a tree!”


8. Momo Shade (Brooklyn, NY)

“My number one drag tip is how to get the best nose contour especially when you want a button nose is to use the back of an angel brush. Some reason it gives a great nice straight line and perfect point for the tip of the nose.”


9. Brooklyn Heights (Baltimore, MD)

“In the world of Trump, trump others by being true to yourself!”


10. Alexis Michelle (NYC)

Garment district executive realness. Wearing my very first @wigsandgrace !!

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“Glue your lashes above your real lash line in the outer corner to create a sultry feline eye.”


11. Selena T. West (Columbus, OH)

“Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed as much as they want to succeed. Also, giant lashes.”


12. Wednesday Westwood (Rochester, NY)

Dark Black: Revisited

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“Maintain a good and positive attitude (you want people to like you, not dread the sight of you) Show up on time and prepared. Avoid drama at all costs! It’ll just distract you from the bigger goal, which is being as fabulous as humanly possible! Be respectful of yourself and anyone else around you for that matter. WASH YOUR UNDERGARMENTS! Most importantly; Be yourself! Focus on being original and different as long as that is you. You’re a drag queen. Don’t ever try to blend in!”


13. Charlie Hides (London, UK)

Feeling chartreuse. Wig by @websterwigs

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“The best drag tip I can give a new queen is to buy a second hand sewing machine and learn to sew. It will save you thousands of dollars and you’ll have costumes and fashions that no one else has.”


14. Jiggly Caliente (NYC)

“Water… it’s good to hydrate for your skin since you’re gonna pound the paint on.”


15. Cookie Kunty (Paris, France)

IN/FERNO ? part. 2 hair and photo by @jeanbaptiste.santens ?#hausofkunty #dragparis #frenchqueen #parisdragqueen #dragqueen #dragshow #mua #photoshoot #dragperfection #makeup #drag #klubkid #gay #gayguy #queer #clubkid #klubkid #festival #clubqueer #instadrag #instagay #rpdr #rupaul #rupaulsdragrace #qwerrrkout #lookhttq_ #hailtothequeens #kryolanofficial #maccosmetics @hailtothequeens @qwerrrkout @heyqweentv @kryolanofficial @maccosmetics @dragaholic @dragcoven @rupaulsdragrace @thedragbible @dragxqueens @thedragseries @dragofficial @malemuas @stylistmagazine @welovequeens @official_clubkids_and_more @wowreport @thegaylocals @welovequeens @localqueenpdx @dragqueens5000 @kingsqueensofficial @ill.muse @nyxcosmetics_france @localqueenpdx

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“Parisian Drag Queens are always ready to party in any circumstance. Champagne is often used to clean brushes.”


16. Vanity Faire (Sydney, Australia)

Mitzi in Miss Venezuela.

A post shared by WigsByVanity.com (@wigsbyvanity) on

“Always invest in good quality hair, always wash your tights and never pay for drinks.”


17. Tina Burner (NYC)

“Wash your tights. Know your words. Keep it fresh all around! Oh yeah and watch your back. :)”


18. Jackie Beat (Los Angeles, CA)

Fuck! @thebiancadelrio turned this wig OUT!

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“As an artist your job is to wrap reality. Pretty, natural makeup is great but what’s the point? It’s 2017. A man that can “pass” for a woman is nothing exciting. And if you’re going to lip sync, choose your songs carefully and do something creative. Please!”


19. Mrs. Kasha Davis

“Be approachable and willing to give of yourself. You are an ambassador for the world of self expression and individuality. #DontBeBasic”



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