Making Cynthia Nixon the Face of Tim Gill’s Awesome Plan to Oust Anti-Gay State Lawmakers Is an Excellent Idea

We’re generally skeptical of famous persons getting involved in causes, because all too often, they do it to generate positive branding for themselves. See: PETA ads. But Cynthia Nixon, in teaming with Tim Gill’s Fight Back NY, is the real deal. She’s personally affected by New York’s lawmakers bailing on their promise to pass gay marriage legislation. And she’s joined the one organization that’s going to use every dollar donated to forcibly remove anti-gay legislators from office.

The mission of Fight Back PAC isn’t terribly revolutionary. Activists have long held the belief that in order to effect change, you need representatives in office who will take the lead on, well, change. But with funding from Tim Gill’s Gill Action Fund, Fight Back is going after the very seats held by state senators and representatives voting against equality. Like Hiram Monserrate, for starters.

We love this spot because it is human, and it is forceful. None of this “look at our loving families and see how cute our kids are” nonsense. Now if some publicity wonks could just tie Nixon’s involvement to a certain movie’s release date in May, all would be right with the world.