Making Out In Public Is Too Much For This Ft. Worth Cowboy

Are we five-years-old because we giggled when the cute cowboy at the end of this news report — slugged “Kissing In Cowtown,” haha — talked about having to “force it down somebody’s throat”? Yes, we are.

Queer LiberAction made half-good on its promise to rally at the Fort Worth Stockyards; protesters showed up, but there was no kissing booth. Because that would have been too much! Even for the gays! Including the gay cowboy!

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  • Jake the libertarian

    Matt the gay cowboy (kind cute btw…) really shouldn’t be talking about “over doing it”. That outfit of his wouldn’t be any gayer if it was wrapped in rainbow and cum.

  • James P. P.

    i can’t really stand public displays of affection. ugh. it’s nauseating. kissing booths?? please – we are not carnies.

    HOWEVER… with all the opposite view screaming and yelling, how dignified would it have been to have a sit-it, some thing quiet, respectful, tons of affectionate holding and yes, some kissing…

    i just think in this particular case (not so in all cases) it would have just been better to take a quieter approach and speak a louder message of respect. THAT would be of better benefit to all those families that came to visit ‘the western experience’….

    that’s just me though… i don’t always advicate the ‘strong but quiet’ route you know….

  • Brian

    Another “publicity stunt” by Queer Liberaction.

    Intentional offending people doesn’t help our cause. It’s childish and counter-productive.

    People can be enlightened, persuaded and even taught – but those things don’t include “offending” them. I wish people would tell Queer Liberaction to grow up and stop making us look bad. It’s embarrassing and it hurts sincere efforts.

  • extrabatteries

    what is it exactly that americans find so hard to understand about pda’s? i dont think ‘public’ factors in, people are like this in private settings as well. its like sex is erased for certain parts of society and not from others. i mean chances are you have stare directly into an asshole in your bedroom, and the second you walk outside and see two people kissing in the park, call the police! affection belongs everywhere, public sex, and public kissing. then after a generation passes, no one will be bothered, and america will be like europe, and the puritanical bullshit can be checked.

    a boy can dream right? thank god i dont like in a place where i have to worry about this. i can pash my boyfriend on any street corner without any passing audience giving a damn, and thats the way it should be.

  • jason

    Public displays of affection are great if they are moderate and modest. If they’re excessive, they’re gross.

    I think the male-male interaction has been stigmatized far more than the female-female one over the years. Therefore, I think it’s important for male-male hand holding and kissing to be present in public in a moderate and modest fashion.

    Homophobes rely on our fear to keep us oppressed. They intimidate us into keeping our affections hidden. We should not surrender to them.

  • AlwaysGay

    The only time people say “I can’t stand pdas” is when it’s in reference to gay people kissing.

    Our activists are cowards and completely irresponsible. They should have kissed and they should have prepared themselves for counter protests and possible violence.

  • Brian

    Queer Liberaction is not a bunch of activists – they just want to be on television. They’ve never accomplished anything. They just keep on embarrassing us.

  • jason

    Always gay,

    I completely agree. I think the protesters were cowardly. They should have gone ahead and kissed in a brave display of resistance.

    You’re right about their objection to PDA’s being reserved for same-sex ones, especially male-male ones. Where are their objections when it’s hetero?

  • Andrew

    This is just stupid. It does not help our cause. I agree that these “activists” just want to get on tv. How pathetic.

  • Lex

    I don’t like extreme PDA no matter who it’s from. It’s rude and childish.

    Not to mention children are present in public and regardless of your personal views on PDA you never have a right to choose what’s acceptable or ok for someone else’s children.

    A kiss is fine, hand holding sure, even a minor grope when no one is looking. Anything beyond that is just ignorant, take it home, or if you really can’t wait…your car.

  • tinkecktadots

    no Lex, quite wrong.

    They shall do what they shall do despite your unease. The children will be fine. The sun will come up tomorrow. Live a little, scaredy boy.

  • Lex

    Yeah you’re really helping the world by being a total slut in public. And people wonder why everything is quickly going to shit.

  • uffda

    gay cowboy’s still full of gay shame. he needs to wake up and cast that evil self-hatred elsewhere.

  • extrabatteries

    i think suppressing sexuality is us having already ‘gone to shit’ lex. the world would be a better place if children werent raised to believe its shameful to express feeling of the most natural instincts in public. and dont kid yourself, this isnt just about sexuality, try seeing how many woman in america can comfortably breastfeed in public without scornful glances or sometimes threats. the current social attitudes on affection or sexuality are what is extremely childish. most objecting havent ever had their views challenged, nor have they question the validity of having them. people arent born averted, they are taught, and its time for this hyper conservative idea to be dismissed.

  • David McFatridge

    Having attended the KISS-in at the FW Stockyard I can tell you a kissing booth was not allowed by the permit, it was planned and will be used next time. The kiss-in did get noisey but only after the thumbers surrounded the protesters and started preaching hate thru their megphones. The kiss-in did have some kissing as you can see from my video of the event on facebook:

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