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‘Making Sweet Tea’ is the gay documentary the world needs right now

Making Sweet Tea is a new documentary by artist E. Patrick Johnson and several other gay Black men from the American South.

The film is based off of Johnson’s phenomenal book Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South—An Oral Historywhich highlights over sixty unique life stories from gay Black men born and raised below the Mason-Dixon line.

After publishing the book ten years ago, Johnson turned it into a stage play. Now, he’s teamed up with anthropologist and filmmaker John L. Jackson, Jr. to make it into a powerful feature-length documentary.

The film follows Johnson as he travels home to North Carolina to confront his past, as well as to Georgia, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. to reconnect with six of the men he interviewed for his book.

Making Sweet Tea made its world premiere last month at the 37th Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival. Next, it will screen this weekend at the 32nd annual Out on Film Festival in Atlanta.

Watch the trailer below.