Malawi Minister Denies Move To Decriminalize Homosexuality

Malawi’s Minister of Justice, Atty. Gen. Ralph Kasambara, has reportedly denied plans to suspend the country’s ban on homosexuality.

The African nation received plaudits from global human rights organizations this week after Kasambara called for an immediate moratorium on arrests and prosecutions under the existing penal code as Parliament reviews it’s constitutionality.

But now, Kasambara has backtracked on those reports.

“There was no such announcement and there was no discussion about same-sex marriages,” Kasambara told Malawi’s Daily Times newspaper. “Nobody talked about suspension of any provision of the penal code.”

Human Rights Watch had called Malawi’s decision courageous while Amnesty International praised it as an “historic step in the fight against discrimination.”

Prior to Kasambara’s denial, Malawi was slated to be the first African nation in nearly two decades to begin a formal process to decriminalize homosexuality.