Fabricates Political Agenda For Press?

Malawian Pol Takes On Pro-Gay Scotsman

Malawian politicos ain’t feeling British High Commissioner nominee Jack McConnell.

Presidential candidate Friday Jumbe jumped at the chance to challenge Scottish McConnell’s pro-‘mo policies, which include a push to overturn anti-gay sodomy laws:

To have a man who supports gay rights to come to Malawi is dangerous for us. He can easily use his influence as high commissioner to force legislation and that’s my biggest fear. I don’t want him and I know I am speaking for my party and many legislators that we cannot allow such a person in Malawi.

As The Scotsman points out, however, Jumbe’s opposition may be motivated by McConnell’s close relationship with Jumbe’s political rival Bingu wa Mutharika. What’s more, the idea that McConnell could use his power to change former British colony Malawi’s policies reeks of publicity-seeking paranoia: no high commissioner’s done so in the past.