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Male Dolphins Aren’t Afraid To Blowhole Each Other

I’m not sure who it’s more awkward to learn about same-sex sex in the animal kingdom: Your biology teacher (if you live in a really progressive school district), or Isabella Rossellini, who apparently knows all about dolphins masturbating solo, female dolphins “fin-ing” each other, and male dolphins blowholing — nature’s only example of nasal sex.

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  • Ted C.

    And they have prehensile penises!

    Yep. No arms, no hands, but they can grab things with their penises. Well, the male ones can.

  • Dallas David

    I like it. My 2nd ex thought my attraction to his nose was a bit perverted, now I know I’m just part dolphin. I’m French, too, so maybe I’m part “Dauphin.”

    Nevertheless, this is the first I’ve heard about this; Is this on the up-and-up, or is this just for entertainment?

  • j

    @Dallas David: Please explain this nose attraction, i’m awfully curious. :P

  • Nick

    What….the….Hell….? o_O;;

  • Fitz

    I dunnoo…. I can imagine it being more of a way to suffocate a rival than derive pleasure. Course, my first BF in high school thought the same thing….

  • Dallas David

    @j: Well . . . when snuggling, his nose was ‘right there,’ and it was a nice nose, as noses go. Prominant, and it just happened to be in way of my affections. And that’s about it. Not much else to tell, really. Not too many noses catch my attention like that.

  • Dallas David

    Anyway . . .

    About the dolphins . . . is there anything to what this lady is saying, or is this just some sort of odd presentation?

  • Daez

    Do a search for “male dolphins penetrate blow holes” in Google. Its legit. Its also most likely important for dolphin society. In short, homosexual relationships are completely natural in the dolphin community. However, they still bang females, so they aren’t actually gay.

  • Darcy McGee

    I could show you another example of nasal sex, but it’s illegal in 17 states and most of the African continent.

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