Male Escort Jailed For Blackmailing Married Client, Sending Naughty Videos To Man’s Wife

John-Walker-jailed_3463342bAnother day, another escort jailed for blackmailing a closeted married man.

John Walker (pictured) of Leeds, England, allegedly threatened to expose a man who hired him for sex if he didn’t fork over £5,000 (approximately 7,600 USD).

The 29-year-old Walker first connected with the 49-year-old businessman on a escort website in February. The two agreed to met at a hotel, where they indulged in drugs, watched porn, and had sex. The victim paid Walker £1,800 (approx. $2,700 U.S.) for the liaison.

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But Walker decided he wasn’t satisfied with that amount, which most of would consider a pretty good payday. The next day, he sent the victim a cryptic text message: “Ring me or I will call your wife.”

In addition to the text, Walker also sent an e-mail with a picture he had taken of the victim in the hotel room where they had met.

The victim agreed to send Walker another £3,000, but the blackmail didn’t stop there.

A month later, Walker sent a text message to the victim’s wife with a video of her husband dressed in women’s panties.

That’s when the victim confessed to his wife and contacted police.

This week, Walker was sentenced t0 32 months in jail by a Leeds Crown Court.

“The complainant had been generous to you and that made you greedy,” the judge told him during sentenced. “You embarked on a scheme to obtain money from him.”

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