Hammer Head

Male Fitness Model Strokes His Hammer In “Wrecking Ball” Parody

It’s not so much a parody as it is a gayer version of Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball,” which saw the singer licking and stroking a sledgehammer. In this version, Bryan Hawn – the hyena guy from Animal Planet’s Fatal Attractions – plays with his hammer and his giant blue ball. In what I think is supposed be a sexy interpretation of the video there is a whole lot of confusion. Is this a softcore porn? Is this a workout video? When does the ab work kick in? But honestly, I’m not sure what exactly happened. So let’s look at it again…

Okay, he’s stroking his hammer. I get that innuendo but, oh, I hope he doesn’t get a splinter.


And now he’s dry humping/rolling on his ball. Maybe it’s a new ab workout. I’ll have to try it the next time I go to the gym.


Okay, this is definitely a workout video. He’s doing reverse crunches. That’s good, I’ve been looking for a new 8-minute ab video to try out.


Oh wait, we’re back to playing with the hammer. Man, he’s really thrusting hard.


And now he’s naked. Alright, this is not a workout video… Umm, does he have a single hair on his body (aside from his head)?


And now he’s humping his ball. I guess he’s telling us he’s a top? Well good for him and his abs. You know that Hyena is probably jealous.


[H/T GailyGrind]