Male Kegel Exercises May Prevent You From Squirting Too Soon

male-enhancement-solutionsMore and more men are ditching their cock rings and penis pumps and instead doing kegel exercises to help improve their stamina in the sack. At least according to a woman named “Marni,” a professional “dating coach” for Ejaculation Advisor.

In a YouTube video called Kegel Exercises For Men — How To Last Longer in Bed, Marni explains that kegel exercises can be done “everywhere and at every moment of your life” to help prevent premature ejaculation.

“[Kegel exercises] control your [pubococcygeus muscles] so you can control ejaculation and prolong ejaculation,” Marni says. “It also helps you so you don’t pee in your pants.” (In case that’s a problem for you.)

According to Medical Dailypubococcygeus muscles help to hold your pelvic organs in place and assist in bladder control and sexual function. As a person ages, those muscles can weaken, which can result in unwanted sexual side effects, like squirting before you want to.

So how do you do a kegel exercise anyway? It’s easy! Basically you just clench what Marni calls your “pee muscle.” Start by doing 10 t0 20 reps per day and gradually work your way up to 50. Clench for 3-5 seconds and then release. As your muscles begin to strengthen, increase the time from 3-5 seconds to 5-7 seconds.

And where can you do kegel exercises? Lots of places, says Marni. “Driving you your car. Sitting in your office. Sitting at the doctor’s. Wherever you want to do them, you can do them!”

Ready. Set. Go.

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