“Male” Panda Gives Birth!

A panda thought to be a man finally gets the chance to live as a woman! Born in 1996, Jinzhu exhibited “inconspicuous secondary sex characteristic and behavior” and, thus, Chinese zoologists assumed her to be a him.

They got a rude surprise, however, when Jinzhu refused to mate with “his” female companions. Researchers report, “When the pandas showed complete disinterest, experts decided to turn to artificial insemination, leading to the discovery that Jinzhu had no penis.” Poor thing.

Most of us know how to find a penis and may say “Oh, stupid doctors, can’t find a dick”. Apparently it’s not that easy with pandas – their dicks are only 3 centimeters long. Not coincidentally, female and gay Pandas aren’t size queens.

Now that Jinzhu’s vagina has been discovered, she’s put it to good use by delivering twins. Congrats, Jinzhu the tranny panda! Let’s hope they’re less “inconspicuous”.