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Male sex worker spills all the tea on 40 years in the biz

“I had always wanted to be lawyer — I was supposed to be a judge,” says Cameron Cox. “But I became a whore instead.”

The Aussie fella has 40 years in the business now, and in a new interview with Daily Mail Australia, he’s telling all.

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He started his illustrious career at age 17, after he saved up enough money picking tomatoes to move from his country home to the bright lights of Sydney. He picked up paying customers in the Kings Cross neighborhood, which earned a reputation as “the prostitution capital of the southern hemisphere” in the 1980s.

“My clientele was so diverse,” he says. “It ranged from young guys who had been clubbing on Oxford Street to middle-aged men with baby seats in their cars who wanted a taste of the wilder side of life.”

Of the hundreds of men he slept with — including one unnamed prime minister — Cox says it was the men in their 60s or 70s who were “the best sex.”

“They have the most experience,” he reasons. “I remember there was one older man in particular who would turn up and dozens of boys would rush over to him, hoping to get picked. Someone told me he’s well-endowed, pays very well and gives lots in tips. So I had a session with him and that all turned out to be true. What’s not to like?”

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After four decades, Cox still loves his job. “There’s a lot of job satisfaction from what we do — and I don’t just mean in terms of the sexual pleasure,” he explains. “It’s great to see a client arrive grumpy after a stressful day and walk out with a big smile. In a way, what we do is a kind of therapy.”

These days, he runs the Sex Workers Outreach Project, or SWOP, which seeks to keep sex workers healthy in New South Wales. “I do a bit less sex work now that I’m CEO,” he tells Daily Mail, “although I did swing from the rafters over Christmas and New Year.”

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